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Modified Truss Head Screws
Modified Truss head screws — also known as wafer head, round washer head and k-lathe screws — are among the most versatile products in the All Points Fasteners inventory. They offer all the benefits of a pan head screw but feature a large diameter washer that give a clean, low-profile surface. 
Use them for general construction, HVAC installations, lighting and a wide range of other applications.

Our Products
At All Points Fasteners, we’ve taken care to offer one of the best selections of wafer head screws for sale on the market today. Our products include Phillips modified truss/wafer head screws made of zinc-plated steel and featuring a #2 Phillips/#3 TEK® point. We sell both size eight screws ranging in length from ½” to 3”, as well as 1” #10 screws. All our stainless truss head screws are available in both painted and non-painted versions.

All Points’ wafer head screws are an excellent choice for general purpose, light-to-medium-duty use. Zinc plating provides corrosion resistance in all climates, while a #2 Phillips point reduces the risk of cam-out . The additional bearing forces provided by a wider head mean fewer screws are required. Combined with their clean outer appearance, this makes washer head screws an excellent choice for electronics and other manufacturing.

White painted modified truss head screws have emerged as the de facto industry standard for lighting retrofits, while our non-painted truss head screws are suitable for drywall installation and other general purpose use. For more information about potential applications, contact All Points directly.

Buy in Bulk and Save 
The versatility of our modified truss head stainless screws makes it easy to take advantage of bulk discounts when you buy by the case or more. Like all our products, All Points Fasteners’ wafer head screws offer exceptional quality at an affordable price point, so you’ll benefit no matter how large an order you place.

Want to try our products out in real-world conditions before buying? We offer free samples of any modified truss head or other screw to all new customers before you receive your order. To request yours, or for detailed product specifications, please get in touch with one of our representatives by phone or email.

The Professional’s Choice in Fastener Products
With an extensive inventory of wafer head screws for sale and a commitment to great customer service, All Points Fasteners is the first choice in
 screws and related products for professionals across the country. We are able to fulfill any order quicker than overseas suppliers and with better follow-up support than the national chains.

For more information about how we can help you, for assistance selecting the best fastener for the job or to inquire about sourcing a specialty item not shown online, please call the All Points office directly at 800-483-6354 or email us at [email protected]

painted modified truss tek screw
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