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Fasteners in South Dakota 

Construction work in the Mount Rushmore State can put a wide range of projects on your plate. Fortunately, the experts at All Points Fasteners have a complete assortment of fasteners at your disposal, all built for quality. You also get the support of an experienced, attentive team that’s happy to help you find just what you need. We’re proud to be a trusted fastener supplier in South Dakota.

Types of Screws for Sale in South Dakota

Whatever materials you’re working with, we can set you up with the right kind of fasteners for the job. We have screws with various head styles, threads, points, sizes and coatings. Our vast selection of bulk screws for South Dakota businesses includes the following types.

Self-Drilling TEK® Screws

Self-drilling screws use a drill-shaped point to cut through sheet metal and steel, eliminating the need for a pilot hole. These screws come with a number from 1 to 5, with larger numbers indicating that a screw can go through thicker layers of metal without a pre-drilled hole. A #5 drill bit point screw can go through 0.5 inches of steel.

Great for light- and heavy-gauge applications, these screws are popular in ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), roofing and heating applications, as well as other industrial projects. Since they don’t require a pilot hole, they’re quicker and cheaper to install.

Self-Piercing ZIP® Screws

A self-piercing screw has external threads and an extra-sharp point for piercing through light-gauge metal and wood. These high-strength fasteners have tight angles of 25 to 30 degrees.

Typically, these screws are made of plated zinc, but self-piercing screws are also available in a ceramic-coated variety for rust protection and optional colors. They are also available in stainless steel, plain and with painted heads. They’ll resist rust formation and reduce the risk of staining the materials.

Screws by Application

We also have a wide range of screws built with specific tasks in mind. These include screws for the following applications:

  • HVAC: HVAC fasteners include sharp-pointed screws with zinc plating, ceramic coatings or a coated stainless steel composition for superior rust protection.
  • Sheet metal screws: We have Type A and Type A/B sheet metal screws, great for linking thin metal to other metals or materials.
  • Gutter and siding: These hex washer head screws are often ceramic-coated or stainless steel for a variety of gutter and siding applications.
  • Roofing, carports and barns: Durable screws for metalworking include long-lasting coatings and meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Decking and spas: South Dakota decks and spas also call for durable, rust-resistant hardware, and our spa and decking screws are up for the job.
  • Woodworking: Wood screws come in a wide range of styles but generally have fewer threads than sheet metal screws.
  • Drywall: Drywall screws have deeper threads to keep materials securely in place.

Other Types of Fasteners

Of course, screws aren’t the only type of fastener you might need on the job. We also carry a wide range of other fasteners, from nuts and bolts to nails, drill bits, washers and anchors, and we take bulk screw orders from South Dakota businesses. Browse our full selection to see our offerings.

The All Points Fasteners Advantage

When you work with All Points Fasteners, you get the help of a dedicated, knowledgeable team. We’re ready to help you find just what you need, no matter how odd of a job you have on your hands. We source our fasteners from high-quality partners in a wide range of styles and options. Need help finding the right fasteners for your South Dakota business? Reach out to our team today with any questions or to request a quote!

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