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APF specializes in providing quality self tapping zip screws and tek screws to the sheet metal and heating & air conditioning industries. Every HVAC, Gutter and Roofing contractor knows the importance of having quality needlepoints and self drilling screws.

We are one of the first companies to return to the old style, high profile (hi hat) self drilling screws with serrations underneath the head. Our customers are long term, repeat buyers, confident that their fasteners will do the job year after year!

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Aluminum, steel, stainless or copper; we have them. Zinc or painted heads; we have them too. Button head, large flange, pop rivets or solid rivets; not a problem. Custom packing and labeling can be provided. Please click here for help in determining what rivet you need.


Whether its anchor kits for electrical contractors, or hammer drives for air conditioning contractors, you’ve come to the right place. An important thing when looking to purchase industrial fasteners is finding a company that knows what you are looking even if you call it by a different name. Take hammer-drives. Some call them nail-ins, others call them bangers and still others call them drive pins. You have nothing to worry about here. We are your fasteners specialists and sometimes fastener translators.

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