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Fasteners in California

If you work in the Golden State, you have year-round access to a wide range of different projects. Whether you’re getting air conditioner systems up and running in the hot summers or building decks for residents to soak up the sun, the experts at All Points Fasteners can help you get the right supplies. We have a massive assortment of bulk screws and other fasteners for California businesses to take advantage of, all with exceptional quality and support — it’s what’s made us a trusted fastener supplier throughout California.

Screws for Sale in California

Whether you’re working with plywood, drywall, steel or some material in between, the right fastener is a critical part of building a structure that meets demands for longevity and strength. Our wide selection of bulk screws for California businesses includes screws with various threads, heads, sizes, points and coatings.

Two popular options include:

  • Self-drilling TEK® screws: Our self-drilling screws have a point shaped like a drill that allows them to cut into steel and sheet metal. You don’t need a pilot hole for them, making self-drilling screws cheaper and faster to install. They’re popular in roofing, industrial work and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The bit tips are numbered 1-5, and the larger numbers represent a screw that can drill through thicker metal layers.
  • Self-piercing ZIP® screws: In a self-piercing ZIP® screw, you’ll find an extra-sharp tip and external threads that help it pierce through light-gauge wood and metal. These high-strength fasteners have 25- to 30-degree angles and usually feature a plated zinc composition, but they can also come with ceramic coatings that offer additional rust protection and color options.

Another way to find the right screw is to shop by application. We have screws available for many different types of jobs:

Other Types of Fasteners

Of course, you’re probably going to need more than just screws for your projects. Other fasteners and equipment you’ll find at All Points Fasteners include:

  • Rivets: Available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper with many different head styles.
  • Anchors: Options include drop-in anchors, hammer drive anchors, hollow wall anchors, plastic anchors and others.
  • Nuts and bolts: Available in lock nuts, wire nuts, carriage bolts, tap bolts and more.
  • Drill bits: We have singles, sets and adapters for sale.
  • Nails: Choose from copper and stainless steel options in many different styles.
  • Washers: We have neoprene bonded washers, copper washers and many others.

Your California Source for Quality Fasteners

When it’s time to get trustworthy tools for your work on the West Coast, All Points Fasteners is here to serve. We have a skilled team ready to help you find the right fasteners for the job from our wide inventory of products. We source our fasteners from quality manufacturers in many options and styles.

Whether you could use some direction or know exactly what you need, our team is happy to help. Browse our fasteners today and contact us to request a quote or ask any questions!

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