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Applications for Nails

Projects of all types — plywood, flooring, underlayment, decking, siding and roofing — require the use of some type of fasteners, and many of these projects use nails as the fasteners of choice. Nails are available in a variety of types, materials and sizes and include plain copper nails, steel siding nails, stainless steel ring shank nails and many others. The nails used for roofing, flooring and other projects are typically more durable than standard nails.

The type of shank creates the differences between the various nail fasteners. The most commonly used nails are smooth shank and are often used for framing and general construction purposes. They provide sufficient holding power for most applications.

Compared to smooth shank nails, ring shank or twisted shank nails have better fastening and anti-withdrawing strength. Rink shank nails are used for sheet roofing nailing projects and provide excellent holding power because the wood fills in the crevasses of the ring. They also provide friction, which helps prevent the nails from “popping” over time. Nail manufacturers make nails using a variety of materials and processes, including electro-galvanized carbon steel, hot-dipped zinc-plated steel, aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Copper nails are a popular choice among many contractors because they add an element of elegance to a project. Copper nails come in both rink shank and smooth shank meaning you can get the perfect type and look of nail fastener for your project.

Copper Plated Nails

While there are various kinds of tacking tools to use, copper nails are among the best for providing longevity in structures. The heads are flat, and the tips are sharp and pointed for embedding into wood or shingles. You can purchase them in sizes that fit into a nail gun or drive them individually with different styles of hammers. The shanks can be either smooth or ringed to accommodate unique jobs and construction materials.

Copper nails are ideal for use in rainy environments or those with high levels of humidity, as the copper plating gives them exceptional rust resistance. Copper offers protection from air pollution as well, so adding these to construction builds in larger cities can extend the structure’s life. While the price of the copper nails can be higher, the protection and resilience provided are worth the investment in any job.

What Are Copper Nails Used For?

Copper plated nails readily suit a variety of construction needs. These fasteners are handy in applying:

  • Roof slates: Roofing and tile replacement require a specific type of copper nail for correct installation. These fasteners help extend the life span of shingles.
  • Gutters and eaves: These outdoor devices transport water to safely stream off the roof to the ground. The copper plating on these nails helps them resist damage due to rust and corrosion, extending the longevity of gutter installations.
  • Furniture: Smaller-sized nails like these can hold fittings together in furniture production applications. In addition to providing structural integrity and durability, copper nails serve as an attractive accent for wooden elements.

Smooth copper nails are very easy to remove and replace as well, making them a staple for building repairs and installations.

Applications for Copper Ring Shank Nails

Many contractors use copper ring shank roofing nails in the roofing industry because they can last for many years when exposed to the elements. Fine rings on the shanks provide grip to both the shingles and any pieces of wood attached. Water and other liquids won’t affect the metal thanks to its protective coating, and the nails are small enough to be easily hidden when tiles and slates are placed on top of each other. Additionally, because these fasteners have flat heads, they are easy to remove when contractors need to replace roof tiles.

If you add copper gutters and eaves to a build, copper nails are an excellent option to secure those fittings properly. The copper fasteners will blend in with the pipes while increasing the whole construction’s durability and rust resistance.

All Points Fasteners has all the copper nail sizes you need for your most demanding projects. With both smooth and ring shanks available, we can help you find the right copper fasteners to give your builds exceptional reliability and a professional look.

Choose the correct size

Nail sizes range from 2d to 70d and 3-gauge (0.259”) to 15-gauge (0.072”). The standard practice for selecting a nail length is to choose a nail that has a length that is three times the thickness of the material. For roofing nails, the standard lengths fall between one and two inches, but go as high as six inches long. A sensible guide to follow is to create a minimum of 1/2″ of penetration when fastening very thin materials into wood. For thin materials that weigh 50 or 75 pounds or more, make the depth of the penetration 1 1/2″ to 2″.

When installing soft material such as drywall or siding, add the thickness of the materials to the optimal nail length. For example, super-thick grade vinyl siding has a .05” thickness. You may decide to use stainless steel siding nails, and will need to add 1/20” to the nail’s length.

Make sure that you choose a nail fastener that is appropriate for the environment. Although aluminum nails make a fine choice for shingle and metal roofs, you must also take into account outside elements, such as location and the environment, where salt or chemicals can have a negative effect on aluminum shank nails. Instead, select stainless steel ring shank nails, which can withstand such elements.

If you need a fastener solution to use in just about any climate and resist corrosion, select nails with a stainless steel finish. Solutions like stainless steel ring shank nails not only show excellent strength and ductility but also have an attractive appearance.

smooth nail


N-CP014 #10 X 7/8″ 50 LBS N-CP024 #10 X 1-1/2″ 50 LBS
N-CP016 #10 X 1″ 50 LBS N-CP028 #10 X 1-3/4″ 50 LBS
N-CP020 #10 X 1-1/4″ 50 LBS N-CP032 #10 X 2″ 50 LBS
ring nail


N-CPR020 #10 X 1-1/4″ 50 LBS N-CRP028 #10 X 1-3/4″ 50 LBS
N-CPR025 #10 X 1-1/2″ 50 LBS N-CPR032 #10 X 2″ 50 LBS
stainless nails


N-SS0014 7/8″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0016 1″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0018 1-1/4″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0020 1-1/2″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0022 2″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0024 2-1/2″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB
N-SS0026 3″ 1LB, 5LB, 50LB

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