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Drop-In Anchors

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in anchors are specifically designed for use with concrete. The anchor consists of two components: the anchor body and the expander plug. When the drop-in anchor is installed in a concrete product or structure, the plug forces the anchor to expand inside the hole. Friction holds the anchor permanently in place. The strength of the drop-in anchor depends on several factors including its size, the depth of the hole that drilled to accommodate the anchor and the strength of the concrete.

Examples of the numerous drop-in-anchor applications include the installation of handrails, shelves, overhead hangers, machinery and lighting fixtures.

How Do You Install Drop-In Anchors?

The drop-in anchor installation process consists of five simple steps:

  • Step one: Drill a hole in the concrete that is slightly larger than the diameter of the anchor to allow the anchor necessary expansion room.
  • Step two: Remove all debris from inside the drilled hole.
  • Step three: Drop the slotted end of the anchor into the hole.
  • Step four: Insert a setting tool into the hole and strike it with a hammer until its lip is aligned with the anchor’s top.
  • Step five: Set the fixture over the anchor and insert the machine-threaded bolt or threaded rod into the fixture.

It isn’t necessary to use an epoxy or other adhesive material to hold an installed drop-in anchor in place.

Drop-In Anchor vs. Wedge Anchor

Drop-in anchors are sometimes confused with wedge anchors. While they both work the same way — they expand and fill the inside of a hole in concrete — the wedge anchor features a conical-shaped hollow bottom. Wedge anchors are usually the better option for applications involving heavy bearing loads.

All Points Fasteners: Your Best Choice for Top-Quality Drop-In Anchors

As a top supplier of well-constructed fasteners from leading manufacturers, All Points Fasteners is your one-stop headquarters for drop-in anchors built to last. You’ll find anchors in various sizes to meet any application or project requirement. Use the drop-in-anchor size chart below to determine the right product for your needs.

What Makes All Points Fasteners Different From Other Drop-In Anchor Suppliers?

At All Points Fasteners, we strive to offer the best fasteners on the market at affordable prices. We also provide a level of support our competitors cannot match. We encourage you to use our live-chat feature to start a dialogue with one of our knowledgeable representatives and learn more about our products. We’ll remove all the guesswork and make purchasing the right anchors so much easier. We can also ship free samples of specific items in our inventory to you so you can try them before making a final buying decision.

Contact us to get a free quote and learn more about our drop-in-anchor selection.

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AD14 1/4-20 x 3/8 x 1″ DAZP10040 5/8 -11 x 7/8 x 2-1/2″
AD37 3/8 -16 x 1/2 x 1-9/16″ DAZP12050 3/4 -10 x 1 x 3-1/8″
AD50 1/2 -13 x 5/8 x 2″

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