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Lead Wood Screw Anchors

Lead Wood Screw Anchors

Lead wood screw anchors, also known as lead wood screw shields, are ideally suited for projects that require fastening wood or anchoring brick, concrete, block or softer masonry. These threaded wood anchors are classified as female anchors, meaning their installation process relies on the placement of a screw through the fixture and into the anchor.

When choosing a wood screw anchor, you will need to consider several factors, including the diameter of the metal screw that causes the expansion of the anchor, the appropriate hole size and the screw length. For instance, longer screws provide better results when working with soft masonry. To determine the proper screw length, add the thickness of the fixture you’ll be fastening to the length of the screw anchor.

How to Install Anchors for Wood

To install our wood anchors, begin by using a hammer drill equipped with a carbide-tipped bit to create a hole in the base material. The pilot hole should be slightly deeper than the anchor length to ensure the anchor will mount flush against the material. Place the anchor into the hole and strike it gently with a hammer. Set the anchor over the fixture and insert the metal screw through it and then into the anchor.

If you are installing several lead wood screw anchors, avoid placing them too closely together. This will help you prevent interaction of the forces that are transferred to the base material, which could reduce the holding power of each anchor. The industry standard for multiple-anchor placement is 10 anchor diameters for spacing and five anchor diameters from unsupported edges. Increase the spacing if the load conditions include the possibility of sudden impact or strong vibration.

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