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Hollow Wall Anchors

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Heavy Duty Anchors for Dry Wall and Hollow Walls

You often come across places where screws just won’t work. That’s when hollow wall anchors and heavy duty hollow wall anchors will make your day.

These tools are designed to operate on thin drywall or other heavy-duty hollow walls when you need to hang something heavy. By spreading out behind your wall, they disperse weight and load, and provide you with plenty of support.

Hollow Wall Anchors and Sizes

Expandable, hollow wall anchors — often known as molly bolts — are made up of a machine screw that’s been threaded through a slotted metal sleeve. As you tighten the screw, the metal sleeve will expand outward and slowly reach out to collapse against the back of your wall.
This creates a secure hold for your hollow wall anchor, plus you get the ability to unscrew it and replace it. You can remove and replace the screw consistently to have an anchor that works for the long haul.

We stock options for the two most common hollow wall anchors: those with pointed tips that can be hammered in initially as well as flat-end anchors that require you to pre-drill a hole for installation.

Typically, a metal hollow wall anchor can support up to about 50 lbs. in a 1/2-inch drywall. You can see all of our heavy-duty hollow wall anchors’ sizes in the chart below. Contact us if you need help in making your selection.

Heavy Duty Dry Wall Anchors

Heavy duty drywall anchors aren’t just designed to handle a heavy load. They also need to withstand the desire to turn or pull straight out of the wall. We’ve chosen the top heavy duty anchors for drywall based on their ability to put up with punishment from use that happens in the real world.

Molly bolts and toggle bolts tend to be your best bet for tough requirements like heavy duty shelving when you’ve got drywall or plaster. While these same fasteners work well on hollow walls — they’re some of the top hollow-wall anchors — you want to make sure you’re not placing heavy demands on hollow walls.

Just because the hardware can take it doesn’t mean the wall can.

Always err on the side of supporting a heavier load and anchoring to your most secure position possible. Heavy duty anchors for drywall are almost always a smart move, especially when you’ve got access to models that fit flush with your wall.

Whether you need hex drive, mushroom head or Phillips drive anchors, we’ve got the right hollow wall anchors sizes for almost any project. Check out our product listing below to see what’s available. Need something a little different? Give our office a call and tell us exactly what you’re after. We partner with a wide range of OEMs and manufacturers and can look through multiple sources to help you get the part you need.

hollow wall anchor


0030012H 1/8″ S HEX SLOTTED
hollow wall anchor


0030012 1/8″ XS 0030122 3/16 ” L
0030112 1/8″ S 0030222 3/16 ” XL
0030212 1/8″ L 0030032 1/4 ” S
0030312 1/8″ XL 0030034 1/4 ” L
0030022 3/16″ S 0030036 1/4 ” XL
hollow wall anchor


D05S 1/8″ DS D05L 1/8″ DL

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