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Plastic Screw Anchors

Plastic Screw Anchors

Browse Plastic Screw Anchors for Cabinet Doors and Concrete
Plastic screw anchors are some of the most common wall anchors, and they can perform well for many small jobs. Our expandable plastic screw anchors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors with larger options accepting larger screws to give you a little extra strength.

These plastic screws anchors, like all anchors, are best used when you’re working with a very solid material. That’s why you’ll often see plastic screw anchors for concrete, even though that can seem a little counter intuitive at the outset. However, even in concrete you’ll want to stick to lighter loads to avoid plastic concrete anchor breakage.

Plastic Screw Anchor Types:

This light-duty plastic anchor is used with sheet metal screws in block, brick, concrete and drywall. Standard plastic concrete anchors and conical lip anchors generally offer a greater variety of sizes.

This light-duty plastic screw anchor uses sheet metal screws and is best used with plaster and drywall. The ribbed design helps the anchor prevent spinning. The design also allows it to expand and hold to a greater degree than a standard conical anchor.

How to Use Plastic Screw Anchors

Plastic anchors always require a pre-made or pre-drilled hole for the anchor. If you’re working on drywall, consider using an awl since you’ll get enough depth without all of the usual dust. Next, press the anchor into the hole and push until it’s flush with the surface. If you need, carefully tap it flush to the wall with a hammer.

For best results, make the hole just a little smaller than the width of the anchor so it can get a good grip later.
Now you’re ready to screw into the anchor, but always take care with this process. Remember that plastic anchor screws work well in concrete and even in cabinets, but they’ll max out pretty quickly depending on screw size and the anchor itself.

Common applications of plastic screw anchors include:
• Light-load situations where the force will typically be straight down. This can work with picture hanging hooks, and using two will give you the right look and extra protection.
• Stabilizing other hangings or items that have a more secure primary anchor.
• Some cabinetry. Because there’s typically minimal force, you can use plastic screw anchors for cabinet doors to get a flush, smart look that’s easy to install and remove, which can make future painting a bit easier.

Knowing when and how to use plastic screw anchors can make your job a lot faster and easier, but pushing them too far can lead to poor service and callbacks shortly after your install. If you need a hand determining the right anchor for your work, contact us and All Points Fasteners’ experts will be happy to help.

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0110008 3/16 x 7/8″ 0110014 5/16 x 1-1/2″
0110010 1/4 x 1″


0130010 1/4″ x 1″ 0130014 5/16 x 1-1/2″

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