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Lead Machine Screw Anchors

Lead Machine Screw Anchors

Lead machine screw anchors work well for installations in old concrete where crumbling poses an issue. They’re also an excellent choice when working with brick or block materials. Machine screw anchors come preassembled and include an expansion cone insert and specially designed lead-alloy caulking sleeve. The cone expands and fills the hole, while the lead alloy molds to the surface and forms a secure fit that will hold up well in most environments.

Lead screw anchors can accommodate just about any head-style screw and adapt easily to multiple hole-size variations. They also have strong holding power, and their short length makes them an ideal choice for use in shallow holes, as well as with cap screws and other forms of machine-screw-threaded fasteners. You can also tighten, loosen or remove this screw as needed.

How to Install Machine Screw Anchors

You can easily install machine screw anchors using a few basic tools. Begin by using a hammer drill fitted with a carbide drill bit that matches the diameter of the anchor. Clear the hole of all dirt and debris and insert the anchor inside, being sure to lead with the threaded cone end. Insert a setting tool into the anchor and use a hammer to strike it until the top of the anchor aligns with the lip of the tool. Place the fixture over the anchor and insert the screw into the anchor. If the piece is installed properly, you’ll be able to loosen the screw without damaging the anchor.

All Points Fasteners Can Meet All Your Lead Screw Anchor Needs

All Points Fasteners is your single source for top-notch lead machine screw anchors in a variety of sizes to suit any application. We feature superior-quality products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices — it’s hard to find a competing company that can give you both! You’ll always get the best value for your money when you buy your fasteners from us.

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Feel free to browse our current lead-machine-screw-anchor inventory, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote. Free samples of certain items are also available upon request.

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