Sheet Metal Gauge Chart

Sheet Metal Gauge Chart

Standard steel, galvanized steel and aluminum are all used to make a useful material called sheet metal. Sheet metal derives its name from the fact that it is formed into thin, flat pieces that make it extremely easy to work with. The right tools can then let you can bend, shape, roll and cut sheet metal into your desired shape. This quality gives it a variety of practical uses. Sheet metal is commonly used in:

  • Ductwork
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Medical tables and storage units
  • Refrigeration units
  • Building facades
  • Signage

In this guide, we will explain how sheet metal is measured and the kinds of screws it works well with, both of which are important to know when working with sheet metal. All Points Fasteners has all of the fasteners and other tools you need for your next sheet metal project. We offer unparalleled customer support, so we will help you find the exact sheet metal screw you need.

What Does Gauge Mean in Sheet Metal?

The actual thickness of the metal sheet is indicated as a unit of measurement referred to as “gauge.” Lower gauge numbers indicate a thicker metal sheet, and higher gauge numbers refer to a thinner metal sheet. The numbers have no relevance to common measurements, like inches or millimeters, as they are independent of these measuring systems.

The standard sheet metal gauge range begins at 30 on the thin end and drops down to 7 at the thicker end of the scale. However, the actual thickness and corresponding gauge will differ depending on the type of metal. Many metals can be produced in gauges up to 36 or down to 3, which is way beyond the average range.

Sheet Metal Gauges and Sheet Metal Screws

Screws used for fastening sheet metal to wood or metal objects are typically manufactured from either standard steel, galvanized steel or aluminum. As you can see on the sheet metal gauge chart below, the metal gauge thickness will vary significantly depending on the metal.

For instance, a sheet of 30-gauge standard steel measures 0.012 inches, which is slightly smaller than 30-gauge galvanized steel at 0.0157 inches and slightly larger than 30-gauge aluminum at 0.01 inches. On the thicker end, 9-gauge standard steel is 0.1495”, which is slightly less than 9-gauge galvanized steel at 0.1532 inches and slightly more than 9-gauge aluminum at 0.1144 inches.

You will also notice that the gauge ranges between these metal types differ. Standard steel has the largest range, running from 3 to 36, closely followed by aluminum from 3 to 35. Galvanized steel has the smallest range from 9 to 32.

Sheet Metal Gauges

Use this steel gauge chart to compare the thicknesses of various kinds of sheet metals. The gauge measurement is in the left column, running from thick to thin. The remaining three columns indicate the thicknesses of standard steel, galvanized steel and aluminum metal sheets in inches.

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Types of Sheet Metal Screws Available From All Points Fasteners

All Points Fasteners is your headquarters for high-quality sheet metal screws at affordable prices. We offer two popular kinds of screws in various sizes:

  • Type A screws: Type A sheet metal screws include threads with wider spacing, making them better suited for use with nested, punched and drilled holes in thin metal materials, asbestos combinations or plywood.
  • Type A/B screws: Type A/B screws feature a higher number of threads per inch like Type B screws and the locating point of Type A screws. They work best in less stable materials.

​Our specific versions of sheet metal screws include:

Our sheet metal screws are produced from premium 20-gauge standard steel sheet metal with a zinc coating for additional corrosion protection. As you can see on the metal thickness gauge chart, 20-gauge sheet metal has a thickness of 0.0359 inches, so our screws are durable through any application.

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For all of your sheet metal screw needs, come to All Points Fasteners. We have a large variety of fasteners available, making it easy for you to find what you need. If we do not have what you want, we will find it for you and get it to you quickly. We believe that by doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of every customer, we can establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our high-quality products work well for contractors in industries like roofing, HVAC and others.

In addition to offering domestic-quality sheet metal screws and other fasteners at imported prices, All Points Fasteners provides a level of customer support that is unmatched in our industry. Unlike our competitors, we make a live chat feature available, so you can ask our knowledgeable support staff about product specifications and receive reliable product selection guidance. Our team will answer all of the questions you have about our fasteners, making you confident in your purchase.

Feel free to contact us for further clarification regarding the sheet gauge chart and how it applies to the production of sheet metal. To get in touch with us, fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at 800-483-6354 today.

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