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Pancake Head Screws

Each job or project requires specialized tools and materials. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a service industry professional, you need a wide range of materials for different applications — including pancake head screws.

Pancake screws are distinguished by their round, low-profile heads, which make them the ideal choice for fastening panel clips to wood, along with many other applications, like building carports or barns and working on roofing projects. You can certainly try to use different types of screws for these applications, but you’ll find that pancake head screws deliver the best results while also allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. The only question is: Where can you find the high-quality pancake screws you need for upcoming work?

The answer: at All Points Fasteners. At All Points, we carry several types of panel clip screws, with a range of options in various sizes and configurations. We believe that all do-it-yourselfers and service professionals deserve access to the fasteners that will help their work reach its full potential, which is why we offer this vast selection of different pancake head self-drilling screws.

We also believe that you always deserve quality, and we’re committed to offering only the best pancake head wood screws — products that perform durably over the long-term. Like all our products, our low-profile head screws are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and can be counted on for durable fastening performance in any climate or weather conditions.

Available Products

What does it mean to say we offer a vast selection of pancake head screws? Here’s a sampling of just some of what our current inventory of panel clip screws includes:

  • Zinc-plated Phillips drive panel clip screws with full threading and type A points
  • Phillips drive pancake screws with #3 self-drilling points
  • Carbon steel panel clip screws with #3 self-drilling points and 1000-hour salt spray carbon coating
  • Type 17 point Phillips drive pancake screws, in 410 stainless steel with DACROMET® coating
  • DACROMET®-coated stainless steel pancake screws with #3 self-drilling points
  • Fully threaded type A point 304 stainless steel panel clip screws
  • 18-8 stainless steel Phillips square drive panel clip screws with type 17 points

With products in a wide range of materials, sizes and configurations, there’s no better place to shop for low-profile head screws than All Points Fasteners. Whether you require an economical fastening solution or a more durable product that can withstand long-term exposure to the elements, we can match you with the right screw for the task.

In fact, one of our specialties is locating unusual or hard-to-find fasteners, including distinct types of pancake head wood screws. If you’ve been having a tough time finding pancake screws that meet the right specifications or that are made of the right materials, try our selection. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our selection, we can help you source it — that’s just part of our commitment to delivering outstanding service to our customers.

At All Points, we make buying easy, too. We sell our panel clip screws by the case and in bulk. Too often, service professionals facing big jobs are forced to purchase pancake head self-drilling screws in arbitrary preset amounts, which means they usually end up with fasteners they don’t want or need. That’s not the case when you choose All Points, where you always enjoy access to the pancake screws you need and a customer service experience you’ve always wanted.

Typical Applications

How exactly can we your use pancake head screws? Stainless steel pancake head screws are typically used for metal roofing, garage or outbuilding construction, HVAC work and many other applications. Depending on the material and the point, they can fasten metal to wood or metal to metal. Use them in indoor or outdoor installations for light or heavy gauge applications.

It’s clear that pancake head screws are a versatile fastener to add to your materials. Be sure you don’t try to substitute a different fastener for an application where pancake head self-drilling screws are best suited. You need the right materials for the right applications, and, at All Points Fasteners, we’re passionate about connecting service professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with the pancake head screws they so desperately need to see projects reach their full potential.

We want to arm you with as much information as possible before you make a purchasing decision. For detailed product specifications and more information about potential uses for any of our low-profile panel clip screws, get in touch with an All Points rep today.

Why Choose All Points?

You have so many options when searching for pancake head wood screws. What makes All Points Fasteners your best choice? It starts with a selection of high-quality fasteners, including pancake head screws in a range of dimensions and that meet different specifications. You’ll always find fast shipping options and competitive pricing at All Points, and you can always count on getting materials that meet the highest quality standards.

What sets us apart is the customer experience. We want nothing more than to connect you with the perfect materials for your next job, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you have those needed fasteners — pancake head screws or another type.

Quality Panel Clip Screws at an Affordable Price

Your choice of panel clip screw will play a small but essential role in the longevity of a metal roof or another project. The right product should deliver corrosion resistance and reliable fastening performance at a price that works for your budget.

See the quality of our products in action by requesting a free sample of any of our pancake head screws today. Submit your request using the form here, or contact our office directly for assistance.

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PCD194 #10 x 5/8″ 4.9 7,500
PCD196 #10 x 1″ 7 5,000
PCD198 #12 x 3/4 8.4 5,000

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