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Trim Head Screws

Having the right screw for your job is essential. With so many different types, sizes and head styles available, choosing the right one provides a better-quality result and allows you to work faster. At All Points Fasteners, we offer premium screws in large bulk quantities to save you money. Perfect for HVAC, gutter and roofing projects, our resistant trim head screws are the solution you’re looking for to take care of your next big job.

At first glance, a trim head screw closely resembles a flat heat screw: both types feature circular heads that are designed to finish flush with the surface of the material they are fastening. The big difference between the two lies in the size of the head.

While the driver recess on a trim screw is about the same size as that of a flat head, the surface of the head around the recess is smaller. This makes trim head screws a better choice for applications where it’s important for the screw to be as invisible as possible.

The smaller size of trim screws makes them a great choice for use in woodworking tasks, such as fine carpentry applications. They’re also frequently used in window extension jambs, wooden trim boards and other types of trim molding. In general, trim head screws work well with any application that requires the power of a screw combined with the finish look of a nail.

All Points Fasteners, Inc. Offers Premium Phillips Trim Head Screws for Sale

If you’re looking for high-quality trim head wood screws at affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place! All Points Fasteners carries #1 and #2 Phillips/#2 self-drilling point trim head screws in #6 and #8 sizes. These reliable trim screws are manufactured from sturdy zinc-plated steel, ensuring their remarkable longevity. We also offer these wood screws in a yellow-zinc material.


More About Our Trim Head Screw Materials

As mentioned, you can purchase trim screws consisting of the following materials:

  • Zinc-plated steel: A zinc-plated trim head screw consists of a thin layer of zinc applied over a steel surface. This process shields the underlying steel and enhances the screw’s anti-corrosion properties. The zinc serves as the first line of defense and can ward off rust more effectively and efficiently than other options. The plating process involves submerging the workpiece in an electrolyte solution and applying an electrical current that causes the zinc to adhere to the underlying substrate.
  • Yellow-zinc material: The name of this substance refers to the color of the chromate the metal plating company applies after adding the zinc coating to the workpiece. This process can improve the trim screw’s appearance, which is beneficial in projects where aesthetics are important. This coating also makes the screw more resistant to corrosion.

Get Help Locating the Right Trim Head Screws for Your Applications

At All Points Fasteners, our goal is to ensure our customers receive the products they need to get the job done. If you’re having trouble finding a screw in the size you need, just let us know. We’ll be happy to locate it for you, even if it means directing you to another supplier. We can also chase down additional information on any fastener to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Advantages of Trim Head Screws

With dozens of types of screws and fasteners available, we know making your choice can sometimes appear confusing. That’s why, here at All Points Fasteners, we have become experts in all of the products we sell. We want you to be aware of the specifications and details of the screws you’re ordering so that you know what you’re getting and are convinced they’re the best fasteners for your job.

In the case of our square drive trim head screws, there are several advantages that make them perfectly adapted to HVAC, gutter and roofing work:

  • The angled head allows for greater penetration into your material, meaning a more flush finish than with flat head screws. Choose trim head screws when you want a clean, discrete finish with no protruding head to show or snag.
  •  The four-point drive head allows for extreme torque when screwing into hard materials. The Phillips head drive has four faces that mean maximum grip when tightening. We carry Phillips #1 and #2 heads for flexibility for all of your projects.
  • The zinc coating of our steel trim head screws makes them resistant to corrosion when installed. All of our fasteners and screws are designed to be installed for long-term wear, unlike low-cost screws that can rust and break.
  • As opposed to nails, screws offer the benefit of significantly more holding force, both initially and over time. With various sizes available, you can find suitable trim head screws for your application that can offer stronger performance than nails.

We Make Customer Service Our Top Priority

At All Points Fasteners, we do much more than simply offer domestic quality products at imported prices. We also deliver an unmatched level of customer support. Unlike our competitors, we provide a live chat feature so you can contact our support staff directly to ask questions or receive additional product information.

We also have the expertise to help you weigh your options and choose the right trim head screw for your needs. Our goal is to make sure you’re making your purchase with a high level of confidence, instead of just taking a wild guess and hoping for the best.

Try a FREE Trim Head Sample Before Placing Your Order

If you want some hands-on experience with your trim head screws prior to making a buying commitment, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free sample. Simply contact us to request a no-obligation quote. Once you approve your quote for an order, we’ll immediately send the samples to you at no charge. If the product doesn’t quite meet your job requirements, you’re under no obligation to place an order. It’s the risk-free way to ensure your trim head screws will get the job done.

​Available in 1”, 1-5/8”, 2-1/4” and 3” lengths, our bulk trim head screws offer strength and durability you can count on. You can also select from multiple case quantities to meet your project and inventory requirements. Depending on the product, you can order in bulk amounts ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 cases.

Your Partner for Choosing Your Screws

In our quest to become the most trusted online source for screws and fasteners, our entire team here at All Points Fasteners works hard to satisfy all of your requests. Our customer service is second-to-none, because your satisfaction is our success.

Give us a call at 800.483.6354 and tell us about your trim head screw needs. Our knowledgeable representatives will ask the right questions to learn more about your job site requirements and find the right fasteners for you. We can offer a no-obligation quotation for bulk orders of screws and even send you free samples.

square drive trim head screw


330DZ #6 x 1″ #1 2.8 10,000
332DZ #6 x 1-5/8″ #1 4.4 5,000
334DZ #6 x 2-1/4″ #1 6.0 3,000
336DZ #8 x 3″ #2 11.5 2,000
square trim self drilling trim head screw yellow zinc


332DYZ #6 x 1-5/8″ #1 4.4 5,000
334DYZ #6 x 2-1/4″ #1 6.0 3,000

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