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The Strongest Screws for Any Project

The strongest screw for a given project will vary based on whether you’re working with metal, wood or other materials. Each type of screw has different strengths that make it a capable fastener. Learn more about the different styles below.

Self-Tapping Screws

These screws create their own hole as they turn. Self-tapping screws are most often used when attaching multiple layers or sheets, as they usually require no pilot hole and are compatible with many materials, including wood, metal and brick.

Self-tapping screws come in various sizes, materials and styles. Thread-cutting screws do not displace any material, while thread-forming screws will. Generally speaking, the thicker the screw, the more weight it will hold.

Self-tapping screws can be made from carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel can be plated with zinc to improve their resistance to corrosion. You can also find self-tapping fasteners made from aluminum usually used with aluminum siding.

Wood Screws

Wood screws comprise a head, shank and threaded body, and they’re specifically designed to bring and hold together pieces of wood. Wood screws are typically thick and made of soft, snap-resistant metal.

The shank on a wood screw serves two purposes. First, when the shank enters the wood, the screw stops spinning, creating tension between the threaded body and the head without breaking the wood. This tension ensures a strong connection between the planks. The shank also helps prevent the screw from heating up from the friction of drilling.

Lag Screws

Lag screws are traditional screws used for heavy-duty projects, and they typically require more effort to install. They are ideal for applications where several heavy objects need to be joined together. Lag screws were originally used to fasten lags, or staves, to barrels, and they can support heavier loads than the average wood screw.

Lag screws are long and thick, with the head of the screw being thicker than the threads. To install a lag screw, you have to predrill a hole for the threading and then another opening to clear the shank.

These screws are readily available and easy to find, and they’re one of the strongest types of wood screws on the market.

Structural Screws

Structural screws are a recently introduced option that replaces thicker traditional screws. These fasteners are long, thin and sharp so they can pierce any material with ease. They come in three head styles, including the typical hex head, Torx drive (six contact points) and Spider head (eight contact points).

These screws are made from high-quality, heat-treated steel and meet numerous engineering standards. Additionally, their long, thin construction eliminates the need for predrilling, which can cut down on installation time. However, they are priced somewhat higher than other screws because of these features.

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