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Strongest Screw

When determining the strongest type of screw, you must first consider the application and the materials you’re joining together. For example, some screws may create a more secure bond when fastening two pieces of wood but might be useless in a project involving sheet metal. Other times, a self-tapping screw will prove to be much more effective than a self-drilling fastener.

There are several elements to keep in mind when choosing the strongest screw for your project.

What Is the Strongest Fastener?

As far as fasteners go, several heavy-duty industrial bolts outclass the rest. However, in the world of screws, the self-tapping screw is often seen as one of the strongest and most versatile options.

At All Points Fasteners, we supply a wide range of ZIP screws perfect for many self-tapping applications, especially within the sheet metal industry. A self-tapping screw cuts its thread while being driven into the mating material. The thread cutting screw makes a small hole while entering the material, creating a tight-friction fit between the threads.
Nevertheless, a self-drilling screw can be equally as strong, depending on the project. Self-drilling screws have a tiny point at the end of their tip like a drill bit that creates a small hole by tapping before driving into the material.

All Points supplies a self-drilling Tek® type  screw that is perfect for metal-to-metal applications. These screws consist of specially treated, high-quality steel, and they are cold-forged to provide uniformity of the drill point contours and screw dimensions. With their durable construction, our screws are a popular choice for the toughest jobs.

Strongest Wood Screws

A lag screw is the strongest in the family of wood screws. It is a sturdy and durable fastener often designed with an externally driven hex drive or square head. Lag screws feature a tapered point and coarse threads and are typically tougher and much heavier than conventional wood screws.
Heavy lumber and other materials that must bear intense loads commonly use lag screws for fastening purposes. All Points offers several varieties of lag screws for your projects.
Although not as sturdy, several other lines of wood screws are available in our inventory for use on particleboard, drywall and metal hinges. We furnish wood screws of assorted lengths and sizes to fit almost any need.

Structural Screws

Structural screws, also called construction screws, are thin but tremendously strong fasteners made of heat-treated, high-strength galvanized steel. They are a newer structural fastener that sometimes replaces lag screws to cut down on the time and effort put into drilling. Structural screws come in Torx-drive and hex-head designs.

Structural screws have greater strength than most larger dimensioned screws and they eliminate the requirement to drill lags or pilot holes in wood. However, the price range is much higher than typical screws based on these features.

Working With All Points as Your Trusted Fastener Supplier

Whether you need a ZIP screw, a Tek® screw, a strong wood screw or something completely different, All Points has the perfect fastener to get the job done right. Contact our customer service team today for any assistance you need in placing an order.

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