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tek screw oval phillips
tek screw oval phillips
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Oval Phillips Self-Drilling Screws From All Points Fasteners, Inc.

The key to fast and efficient fastening for HVAC, gutter and roofing projects is having the right screws in the right dimensions. When you choose self-drilling oval head screws, you’re saving time relative to screws that require a pre-drilled hole. A common nail for any contractor, our All Points Fasteners oval head screws feature high-quality, zinc-plated steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance over time.

Available in bulk quantities for maximum value, our Phillips oval head screws feature a curved head that leaves a smooth, snag-free profile in all of your installations. If your job calls for quality, easy-to-install screws that will provide reliable holding force for years, select from our variety of sizes and types.

Our Selection of Self-Drilling Screws

At All Points Fasteners, we like to offer as many popular screw types and sizes as possible. In the case of our Phillips oval head machine screws, you can choose from #2 Phillips head with #2 and #3 self-drilling points in #8 and #10 sizes. We offer the following quantities for the various sizes:

Select the screws that fit the job you have. If ever we don’t have the right size or type of fastener you’re looking for, we invite you to let us know. Our goal is to satisfy all of your fastener needs, and we offer creative solutions for specialty fasteners and screws to get it done.

We Know Where to Look

Instead of spending your time online looking for a source for your fasteners, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team here at All Points Fasteners. We offer a wide selection, such as our oval head machine screws, that cover most HVAC, gutter and roofing needs. If you find you have a need for a type of screw that we don’t have, feel free to let us know — we’re more than happy to source it for you.

Thanks to our experience and contacts in the industry, we can quickly find the fasteners you need and order them at a competitive price.

This is just one of the ways we have found to meet all of our customers’ needs and provide added value. Start by checking our selection of high-quality oval head screws right here on our site. Thanks to our bulk volumes, you can save money and simplify your ordering.

Meeting Your Appearance and Quality Needs

Select our oval head screws when you need a partially flush hold-down without a sharp edge to catch or snag. Oval head screws are especially useful on HVAC installations that are accessible and where the edge of a flat screw is undesirable. Thanks to our multiple lengths, you don’t have to “make do” with screws that are too long or too short. Simply select the right length and right self-drilling point for your material type and thickness.

Give us a call today at 800.483.6354 and tell us about the screws you need. We’ll make sure to find what you need and get them shipped off to you so you can get down to business.

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