stainless dacromet self drilling hex screw

Stainless Hex Washer Head Screws

Self-Drilling Screws

Stainless Hex Washer Head Screws

Hex washer head self-drilling screws are common pieces of hardware for construction projects because of their versatility and ease of use. The hex washer self-drilling screw type is easily identified by its point that mimics the look and functionality of a drill bit. This tip allows the screw to carve into metal and wood surfaces easily and smoothly without drilling a separate pilot hole. It saves time by eliminating site preparation or waiting for the thread to catch.

The washer hex head is designed to be driven by a wrench or socket, minimizing slippage and keeping the socket on the screw without having to periodically resetting the grip. With the washer built into the screw itself, you have a more evenly distributed surface pressure for improved structural integrity.

At All Points Fasteners, we supply the highest quality hex washer head screws available, intricately manufactured from the finest 410 stainless steel materials available for lasting heavy-duty use and performance. Our hex washer head screws are suitable for various building constructions, and our team of experienced professionals is happy to work with you to find products, gather necessary data and provide free screw samples to ensure you find the right screw for your job.

Hex Washer Head Screw Features From All Points Fasteners

The hex washer head screws, also called Tek® screws, available at All Points Fasteners are specially crafted from the highest quality materials, with improved features to ensure long-term performance, durability and efficiency. Our self-drilling hex washer screws have the following characteristics:

Fully Threaded: Having a fully threaded screw structure ensures the screw can better distribute tension and withstand greater forces for longer time periods.
Self-Drilling Point: These screws can tap their own hole using a self-drill point to minimize mess and save time.
410 Stainless Steel: Our 410 stainless steel washer head screws are hardened by an effective heat treatment for exceptional durability and long-lasting strength.
Dacromet Coated: Many alternative hex screw products cannot resist corrosion and will deteriorate in industrial or coastal settings. However, many of our self-drilling washer head screws feature a Dacromet coating that makes them less susceptible to corrosive damage from salt and high moisture areas.

Uses for Our Self-Drilling Hex Washer Head Screws

Self-drilling washer head screws are an ideal hardware solution for various building projects. They’re best used to secure two metal surfaces. The fully threaded self-drilling point of our hex washer screws has better retention qualities and can easily slide through 20 to 14 gauge metals. Our hex washer head screws can be used for:

  • Securing gutter systems
  • Shed, warehouse and carport construction
  • Garage door fastenings
  • Metal roofing installation
  • Electrical projects

Their timesaving self-drilling capability and corrosion-resistant coating make these fasteners excellent for assembling outdoor structures often found at residences or small businesses. As such, contractors frequently choose Dacromet-coated screws when working on these common projects:

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a growing means of power generation in the United States, allowing structures ranging from homes to large commercial facilities to collect sustainable energy. Contactors need to place and assemble them correctly to ensure they can accomplish this goal.

Solar panels are often mounted on rooftops or pole or ground mounts to ensure they get plenty of sunlight and are kept safe from most accidental damage. No matter where the client needs their solar panels, you need durable screws to ensure the best construction.

Since solar panels will remain exposed to the elements, they need fasteners that can resist corrosion and provide a secure hold even in severe weather. Between their hardened stainless steel construction and resilient coating, Dacromet coated self-drilling screws are an excellent choice for solar assemblies.


You can also use Dacromet coated stainess screws for building pergolas. A pergola is an outdoor feature comprising columns, roofing beams and rafters and serving as a source of shade and shelter. Often found in gardens or similar locations, pergolas are usually freestanding, though they can be attached to houses or buildings.

Since people spend a great deal of time under pergolas, especially those in residential or recreational areas, it’s essential to use high-quality screws. Dacromet coated stainless self-drilling screws with four-way corrosion protection offer exceptional longevity, making them great for outdoor features that have to withstand rain, snow and harsh sun. They also provide unmatched efficiency since they require no pilot holes, allowing contractors to maximize their productivity during the building process.

Unmatched Quality From All Points Fasteners

For the most effective, versatile and durable hex washer head screws available, visit All Points Fasteners. You can find any type of fastener product that best suits your specific project needs, and our helpful, knowledgable team of professionals is available any time to answer questions and gather useful product data. To learn more about our self-drilling hex washer head screws, call us today at 800-483-6354 or complete our online contact form.

stainless dacroment self drilling hex screw


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