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The Best Solar Panel Screws

Solar panels — also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels — are a modern, practical alternative to produce energy that is not reliant on coal or fossil fuels. Due to recent price reductions, these panels have become more accessible to homeowners and small businesses, meaning more folks need help getting them mounted properly.

Well-planned placement and installation of solar panels is crucial to ensure they perform optimally and remain safely mounted over time. These panels are usually mounted on the ground using pole mounts or ground mounts, or on rooftops where they have uninterrupted access to direct sunlight. In any location, the integrity of your mount relies on high-quality, durable solar panel screws.

Mounting Solar Panels to Roofs

Rooftop installations are a great option for solar panels for a number of reasons. When panels are placed on a rooftop, they receive the most direct sunlight with minimal interruption, allowing them to absorb as many rays as possible for maximum energy production. In this optimal position, they are also out of the way and do not take up unnecessary space.

Rooftop mounting is one of the more cost-effective mounting methods because it only involves mounting bars, brackets and fasteners. Ground mounting, on the other hand, requires poles, concrete bases and full mounting systems.

When you install a solar panel array on a rooftop, you must consider factors like the roofing material, the angle of the rooftop and the type of mounting screws you use. It’s important to preserve the integrity of the roof while ensuring the panels are safely mounted. To do this, you need to select the right solar panel roof screws to hold the panels in place and protect your client’s investment.

Our Top Picks for Solar Panel Mounting Screws

The roof is an ideal place for solar panels because of the sun exposure, yet this location endures unfavorable conditions like rain, snow, heat and wind. Because of these extreme conditions, it’s essential to carefully select solar panel mounting screws that will hold up over time. Solar panel screws should be resistant to the elements and corrosion while maintaining stable, reliable functionality in the long term.

At All Points Fasteners, we offer self-piercing hi/lo thread screws for mounting solar panels when driving into wood or light metal. These type 17 screws are ceramic coated for increased humidity and corrosion resistance.

Self-tapping hi/lo thread roofing screws are ideal for mounting solar panels for most specifications because they are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, including #10 and #12 diameters and lengths from 1-inch to 3-inch in 1/2-inch increments. These screws have sharp, needlepoint tips with twin lead threads to consistently pierce and bite as soon as you begin to screw them down, allowing for quick and easy application.

Get the Screws You Need at All Points Fasteners

The team at All Points Fasteners has extensive experience identifying the best screws and fasteners to take on any job. We’ll help you find the high-quality solar panel mounting screws you need at a great price, so you can get the job done right. Get in touch online or give us a call to speak with a representative today.

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