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Painted Hex Washer Head ZIP Screws

Self-Piercing Screws
Gutter & Siding

Painted Hex Washer Head ZIP Screws

painted HEX washer head Screw

High-quality, affordable painted hex washer head screws can be just what you need for gutter and siding applications. Painted hex screws zip screws are a popular type of self-piercing screw used in metal roofing, gutter and siding installation. The screw can pierce the material at high speed, at a 25- to 30-degree angle, with no need to drill a pilot hole.

Painted zip screws are ideal for metal or wood building applications in any area where rain and moisture present an ongoing problem. They can include a neoprene washer to create a waterproof seal and come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match the screw color with the siding, roofing or gutter material.

Types of Projects for Painted Screws

Painted screws serve both decorative and functional purposes for the following building projects:

  • Carpentry: Professionals in the construction industry use colored screws all the time, but most people don’t notice them because they seamlessly blend in with their surrounding environments. Painted screws can fasten gaps in the metal components of sheds and other woodworking projects while fitting in with the overall design.
  • Residential: Painted screws can blend in with the design of various residential components, such as vinyl windows, shutters, siding, gutters and RVs.
  • Decking: Painted screws come in various shades of brown to complement a wood or composite deck installation. They’ll almost look invisible against the decking panels. At the same time, they contain stainless steel to provide the same durability and long life span as regular screws.
  • Roofing: Painted ZIP screws can blend in with the color of metal roofs. The products that are made from stainless steel are as strong and weather-resistant as the metal roof panels. As a result, they can prolong the roof’s life span and help avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.
  • Original equipment manufacturing: An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needs to provide quality products for other companies to use. Screws that can come in any color will accommodate more products and create a seamless design throughout. They can also help OEM professionals meet their clients’ exact specifications.
  • Mil-Spec: Long-lasting military-grade screws are resilient to provide a safe experience for personnel. The fasteners mil-spec companies use are essential for the performance of the military and the defense equipment they produce.
  • Electrical: Colored screws can accommodate electrical color-coding systems and provide a tight seal for electrical repairs. These durable fasteners can endure electrical equipment’s heat and weight and remain resilient in case of power outages.

Having screws painted professionally in a factory is more effective and aesthetically pleasing than spray painting them the same color as the building materials after installation. This DIY tactic usually results in chips or globs of paint that reduce the project’s visual appeal. It can also make it hard for the builder to create a tight seal around the fastener, especially if they use the wrong paint or if they didn’t pretreat the screws first.

All Points Fasteners Offers a Wide Selection of Painted Screws

All Points Fasteners is a top choice for roofing professionals who need domestic quality fasteners at imported prices. We can supply painted needlepoint/twin lead thread hex screws in #6, #8 and #10 sizes and case quantities ranging from 1,000 to 25,000. These screws are manufactured from zinc-plated steel to provide additional protection against corrosion to accommodate any building or manufacturing project.

We offer painted screws in dozens of colors such as Pebble Clay, Champagne, Rollex Almond, Autumn Leaf, Cedar Wood, Dark Bronze and many others. If you can’t find a screw in the size or color you require, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to locate it for you!

We Provide the Best Customer Support in Our Industry

If you’re looking for a fastener supplier that does much more than sell products, you’ll love working with All Points Fasteners. We strive to make you a customer for life, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make your experience with us as positive as possible.

You can contact us via live chat for everything from product selection assistance to questions regarding shipping and delivery and much more. And speaking of shipping, we make a point of getting your fasteners to you as quickly as possible so you can avoid unproductive downtime that could derail your projects.

Take Advantage of FREE Product Samples!

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience to ensure a product will do what you need it to do. All Points Fasteners offers free painted hex washer screw samples, after you approve the pricing, so you can “try before you buy.” Just request a quote for the product you’re interested in, and we can send your samples upon quote approval.

You’re under no obligation to make a purchasing commitment — you can get your samples with no risk! Contact All Points Fasteners to learn more about your painted screw product options today!

hex washer painted screws


P1000002 #6 x 3/8″ 2.1 25,000
P1000006 #8 x 1/2″ 2.7 20,000
P1000007 #8 x 9/16″ 3.0 16,000
P1000008 #8 x 5/8″ 3.2 16,000
P1000009 #8 x 3/4″ 3.7 14,000
P1000010 #8 x 1″ 3.9 10,000
P1000012 #8 x 1-1/4″ 4.7 7,000
P1000014 #8 x 1-1/2″ 6.0 5,000
P1000016 #8 x 2″ 6.9 4,000
01 Almond 21 Pearl Gray 41 Heather 61 Rollex Dove Gray
02 Black 22 Forest Green 42 Victorian Gray 62 Rollex Blue Willow
03 Cb Blue 23 Spanish Green 43 Brookstone 63 Rollex Canvas Green
04 Slate Blue 24 Spring Green 44 Silver Gray 64 Rollex Norweg Wood
05 Tahoe Blue 25 Herringbone 45 Tuxedo Gray 65 Rollex Wildrose
06 Light Bronze 26 Ivory 46 Harbor Gray 66 Marine Green
07 Dark Bronze 27 Mocha 47 Everest 67 Sea Blue
08 Beaver Brown 28 Peach 48 Sage 68 Coal Gray
09 Imperial Brown 29 Adobe Tan 49 Village Green 69 Copper Clone
10 Musket Brown 30 White 50 Rollex Almond 70 Summer Suede
11 Royal Brown 31 30 Deg White 51 Rollex Saddle 71 Woodbeige
12 Buckskin 32 Colonial White 52 Rollex Slate 72 Sea Breeze
13 Cedar Wood 33 Wicker 53 Rollex Sungold 73 Timber
14 Clay 34 Cameo 54 Rollex Mist 74 Teal
15 Pebble Clay 35 Champagne 55 Rollex Fieldstone 75 Cape Blue
16 Cocoa 36 Colonial Gray 56 Rosewood 76 Desert Mauve
17 Cranberry 37 Grecian Green 57 Rollex Cobblestone 77 IMS Gray
18 Cream 38 Evening Gray 58 Ivy 78 Sand
19 Charcoal Gray 39 Heritage Gray 59 Storm Gray 79 Burgundy
20 Dove Gray 40 Heritage Cream 60 Rollex Bayberry 80 Autumn Leaf

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