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Hex Washer Head Needlepoint Screws

When you need a durable and dependable fastener product to easily finish your next job, look no further than the high-quality hex washer needlepoint screws available at All Points Fasteners. With its advanced hex washer head design, sturdy stainless steel manufacturing and heavy-duty, self-piercing qualities, our selection of needlepoint screws are suitable for any building project use, but they are best used for gutter and siding installations.

Self-piercing screws, also known as needlepoint, zip or self-tapping screws, are easy to use and convenient — as the sharpened tip of the screw pierces the surfaces of wood or light gauge steel, they create their own mating threads. With this design feature, our self-piercing hex washer head screws are incredibly durable with high strength fastening properties for a tight, secure fit. By using our hex washer needlepoint screws for your next construction or installation project, you can easily save on upfront material costs, reduce preparation time and meet tighter project deadlines.

Needlepoint Screws From All Point Fasteners — Quality You Can See

With our selection of quality needlepoint hex washer screws, you have the versatility and reliability to complete any project with added peace of mind that your building project will last for many years throughout any type of environment. The overall benefits of our hex washer head needlepoint screws also include:

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel: Our selection of hex washer needlepoint screws are specially manufactured from 18-8 stainless steel, with a mixture of 18 percent chromium and eight percent nickel. Products made from 18-8 stainless steel typically last longer than other forms of metal and have exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Great for any Environment: With its 18-8 stainless steel construction, our hex washer head screws can be used in any type of interior or exterior environment, including coastal areas, damp spaces and industrial settings, without rusting or becoming damaged.
  • Easy to Use: Hex washer screw heads are designed to be used with a wrench or socket without needing to have the grip reset or frequently slipping.
  • Sturdy Needle Point Design: Screws with a needlepoint, or self-piercing, tip are expertly manufactured for fast, easy material penetration without sacrificing strength. Save time by quickly drilling into a wood or metal surface without having to pre-drill an entry hole.
  • Fully Threaded for Better Stability: All of our hex washer head needlepoint screws are fully threaded, which provides better distribution of weight for long-term stability.

Dependable Needlepoint Screws Only at All Point Fasteners

For help choosing the right needlepoint screws for your building or installation needs, reach out to the skilled, helpful experts at All Points Fasteners. We have over 30 years of experience providing businesses with a variety of fastener options to meet their specific needs and budget. Our team of knowledgable experts is available to personally assist all of our customers, answering job-specific questions and providing guidance on the best screw materials and designs for their projects. We’re dedicated to establishing trusted, long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, and that’s why we even offer free supply estimates and product samples.

Speak to one of our team members today by calling 800-483-6354 or completing our online contact form.

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S1-1040006 #8 x 1/2″ 20,000
S1-1040023 #10 x 1-1/2″ 4,000

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