how strong are deck screws

How Strong Are Deck Screws?

Screws can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes, and though many people assume screw types are interchangeable, there are important differences between wood screws and deck screws. Though deck screws and wood screws look similar, they have different purposes.

Compared to thin nails, deck screws are much stronger and can hold considerably more weight. Deck screws are also stronger than wood screws and tend to be made from stainless steel or copper for increased durability.

What Are Deck Screws Used For?

Deck screws are used for outside jobs like building decks and fencing. When buying these fasteners, keep in mind that there are different types of deck screws to choose from.


  • Wood deck screws: This type of screw has an unthreaded shank and a coarse-threaded portion.
  • Composite deck screws: This type of screw has finer threads and a smaller head. Some also feature an extra thread set that prevents the mounding of the composite materials at the screw’s head.


Deck screws are perfect for outdoor use because they’re composed of stainless steel, galvanized steel or copper to prevent rust and increase corrosion resistance, which is particularly important in a wet environment. These screws have flattened, countersunk, flare or bugle-shaped heads. The heads of deck screws can prevent them from sinking into the material and splitting or cracking it.

Deck screws also have unique threaded shanks that increase their durability. The aggressive point and sharp threads increase the screw’s hold once it’s in place. This sharp, deep threading on deck screws allows them to easily cut into a workpiece, and they are also better able to withstand humidity, rain and salty water than wood screws.

If you want to construct a robust, sturdy deck, you’ll need deck screws for attaching decking and railings to the framing.




What are deck screws used for.

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