how strong are deck screws

How Strong Are Deck Screws?

Screws can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes, and though many people assume screw types are interchangeable, there are important differences between wood screws and deck screws. Though deck screws and wood screws look similar, they have different purposes.

Compared to thin nails, deck screws are much stronger and can hold considerably more weight. Deck screws are also stronger than wood screws and tend to be made from stainless steel or copper for increased durability.

What Are Deck Screws Used For?

Deck screws are used for outside jobs like building decks and fencing. When buying these fasteners, keep in mind that there are different types of deck screws to choose from.


  • Wood deck screws: This type of screw has an unthreaded shank and a coarse-threaded portion.
  • Composite deck screws: This type of screw has finer threads and a smaller head. Some also feature an extra thread set that prevents the mounding of the composite materials at the screw’s head.


Deck screws are perfect for outdoor use because they’re composed of stainless steel, galvanized steel or copper to prevent rust and increase corrosion resistance, which is particularly important in a wet environment. These screws have flattened, countersunk, flare or bugle-shaped heads. The heads of deck screws can prevent them from sinking into the material and splitting or cracking it.

Deck screws also have unique threaded shanks that increase their durability. The aggressive point and sharp threads increase the screw’s hold once it’s in place. This sharp, deep threading on deck screws allows them to easily cut into a workpiece, and they are also better able to withstand humidity, rain and salty water than wood screws.

If you want to construct a robust, sturdy deck, you’ll need deck screws for attaching decking and railings to the framing.




What are deck screws used for.

Self-Tapping Deck Screws

Self-tapping screws are the least thought about component when people think of buildings, furniture, cars, bikes or just about anything else you can name. But really, when you think of it, you can’t throw a rock without hitting something put together with screws. Since the job of the screw is to keep things together, quality for this little thought of component is more important than people usually think.

Self-tapping screws are fantastic because of their design. When you begin turning a self-tapping screw, it displaces material around itself to cut its own threads. Since the screw creates the threads, it establishes them in a position that generates resistance to hold itself in place. The threads act like insulation, protecting the screw from loosening under waves of vibration and activity.

This screw also saves you time. It can take hours to drill holes, place traditional bolts and tighten them in place with a washer and nut. With self-tapping screws, you can get the job done much faster. Since these fasteners secure themselves and remain tightly in place, you can save yourself hours of work and enjoy the final product sooner.

One of the lesser-known but not long ago developed model of screws is the decking screw. These screws are meant for installing rails,build framing and fastening decking planks. These high quality self tapping deck screws are ceramic coated to keep the screw form bleeding and discoloring the wood.

Self-tapping wood screws , and other screws, really make a big difference in the outcomes of any house project. These basic products can be the difference between a finished project that can last for a lot of years and one which may fall apart the first time you use it. Everyone has made compromises when performing project work. This is typically due to the inconvenience of having to run to the store for the little and seemingly insignificant part that simply does not appear to be worth the effort to make the trip. If you consider arrogance in your venture, you may want to rethink if that is true. If it seriously did not make a difference you may not have the multitude of options to choose from. Wood screws come in dozens of lengths and have certain characteristics for particular uses.

One leading example of a specialty wood screw is for outside decking. Deck screws are specially coated to be rust-resistant. Doing so can help decrease the chance of unpleasant rust marks from developing on your outdoor patio stretch. The rust resistant covering additionally keeps the screw from becoming deteriorated by weather conditions. Because they are exposed to the outdoors, and in the case of the outdoor patio, are especially vulnerable to the elements. This is simply because the fasteners are employed on a flat surface that can pool water in the fastener holes. A failure can result should the fastener rust through. The resulting loose decking could additionally cause a safety hazard and homeowner liability. The enzymes and chemical substances employed in treated timber can be hard on the screw as well. The small expense in employing the right screws pales in comparability to the doable consequences. Recall, the covering is merely corrosion proof so to treat the outdoor patio face as needed to hold each the wood and fasteners in good shape.

Wood screws have come a long way in their overall performance and the know-how these folks employ. This technological innovation allows for greater, and lengthier long lasting benefits with your home projects. This translates into much better wanting tasks using an expert quality. One recent development in of a wood screw is the use of different drive heads. The most popular are still the Phillips head screws. The cross shaped drive head provides safe contact in between the driver and the screw. They also permit for a standard of connection offering the user the ability to do the job on different planes while taking care of control of the fastener. The sq disk will take doing so connection separating app and screw and creates a contact point which not only supply much better grip during the drive, but attaches so snugly that you can do the job upside straight down or sideways without losing contact using the drive head. The regular fastener head has its uses, but for comfort the sq drive and Phillips head offer added control.

The design of a wood screw is being founded on the particular characteristics of how wood works using the fastener. If you evaluate a metal screw to a wood screw you will see most differences. The wood screw is tapered producing the connection more safe. A metal screw does not possess this taper, and because of doing so, must not be employed in wood applications. The screw can have a propensity to again from the hole leading to the joint to fail. Wood screws usually do not possess threads that extend all the way to the screw head. This feature helps keep the fastener firmly in place. The best advice is if you do have a wood venture, use self-tapping wood screws for an ideal result.

Not only can be used in decks but also can be used in docks, fences, spas, Gazebos, siding and other outdoor applications. Now, if you are wondering as to how these fasteners can enhance the quality of your furniture in any way, here are the points that prove its superiority.

* Decking screws can last for a long time when they have special corrosive resisting coatings.

Very popular coatings are ceramic which offer 500 hours, 1000 hours and up to 1200 hours salt spray testing. This gives protection from rain and other types of elements which can cause rust in most other types of plated screws. The ceramic coating also prevents streaking or staining the lumber. They come colored coded for red, green and tan lumber.

They present a nice clean look to the surface since they are made with nibs built under the head so that they will countersink themselves and will be flush with the wood. They are specifically made with a lot of convenience to work with such as the Type 17 point which will allow the excess wood to escape and thus prevent the wood from splitting while the screw is being installed. After they are drilled in, there is no bulge on the exterior surface.

They normally come readily available in either phillips or square drive, square drive being the most well-liked because the square bits are the simplest to use as they help avert slipping.

The simple fact that they are self tapping screws they will also save you time and cash considering they will tap their own threads. As long as you have good building materials, your self-tapping deck screws will hold your structure together with ease.

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