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Painted Hex Washer Zip Screws
Are you in need of high-quality, affordable screws for gutter and siding applications? A painted hex washer head screw can be just what you’re looking for. Painted hex screws are a type of self-piercing screw that can cut their own thread when driven into the material. The screw can pierce the material at high speed, at a 25 to 30-degree angle, with no need to drill a pilot hole.

Painted hex washer screws are ideally suited for metal building applications in any area where rain and moisture present an ongoing problem. They include a neoprene washer that creates a waterproof seal. Painted hex screws also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match the screw color with the roofing, siding or gutter material.

All Points Fasteners Offers a Wide Selection of Painted Hex Washer Head Screws
All Points Fasteners is a top choice for roofing professionals who need domestic quality fasteners at imported prices. We can supply painted needlepoint/twin lead thread hex screws in #6, #8 and #10 sizes and in case quantities ranging from 1,000 to 25,000. These screws are manufactured from zinc-plated steel to provide additional protection against corrosion.

We offer painted hex screws in dozens of colors such as Pebble Clay, Champagne, Rollex Almond, Autumn Leaf, Cedar Wood, Dark Bronze and many others. If you can’t find a screw in the size or color you require, just let us know and we’ll be happy to locate it for you!

We Provide the Best Customer Support in Our Industry
If you’re looking for a fastener supplier that does much more than simply sell products, you’ll love working with All Points Fasteners. Our goal is to make you a customer for life, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make your customer experience as positive as possible.

You can contact us via live chat for everything from product selection assistance to questions regarding shipping and delivery and much more. And speaking of shipping, we make a point of getting your fasteners to you as quickly as possible so you can avoid unproductive downtime that could derail your projects.

Take Advantage of Free Product Samples
There’s no substitute for hands-on experience for ensuring a product will actually do what you need it to do. All Points Fasteners gives you the opportunity to receive free painted hex washer screw samples so you can “try before you buy.” Just request a quote for the product you’re interested in and we can send your samples upon quote approval.

You’re under no obligation to make a purchasing commitment — you can get your samples with no risk! Contact All Points Fasteners to learn more about your painted hex screw product options today!

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