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Self Piercing Screws

Your One-Stop Shop for Self-Piercing ZIP Screws
Whether you call them ZIP, needlepoint, speed, saber or twinfast, all self-tapping screws combine a twin-lead threat with a sharp point to punch through gauge sheet metal and easily dig deep. All Points Fasteners offers a variety of stainless steel ZIP screws, copper plated needlepoints, self-piercing sheet metal screws and ceramic-coated options to ensure you have the right tool for your next job.

Stainless Steel Pole Barn Screws

Self Piercing pole barn screws
All Points Fasteners offers a complete selection of stainless steel pole barn screws for your next application. Choose from models that include a fillet under the head and come with neoprene-bonded washers. Keep your work clean and smooth with our series of painted pole barn screws.

Modified Truss Screws

Attach metal lathe to wood or metal studs like a pro with our selection of modified truss screws. We offer hex washer head, modified truss and wafer head self-piercing screws in multiple sizes and gauges to assist with proper application for stucco, wood, metal, HVAC and more.

Find cases from 2,000 to 16,000 to ensure you have enough for this job and the next.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal ZIP Screws

ZIP self-piercing screws offer a variety of protections and services for your next project. Look for the right composite, such as 410 stainless designed to resist corrosion and heat, with plenty of painting options for a long-lasting finish.

For gutters, siding, HVAC applications and more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better self-piercing screw. Ceramic-coated needlepoint self-piercing screws have become our most popular model for professionals in your industry and are designed to fit many different applications.

Opt for a ceramic coating if your project will be exposed to rain or moisture consistently. Our self-piercing scrolls with this coating have been tested for 1,000 hours of salt spray, minimizing rusting and maintaining that professional look.

Why Choose All Points Fasteners?

We can tout our self-piercing screws all day, but sometimes it’s best to hear what other professionals have to say. These are just a few of our testimonials from happy customers that turn to All Points whenever they’re in need:

“My guys don’t have any complaints, and that’s the most important thing. The quality is consistent, which is why we won’t change!”
— Sanchez Heating & Air

“It is so nice to call and speak with someone who knows their products so well. You got us exactly what we needed and shipped so quick.” — Iowa Boys Vintage Trailer Repair Shop

Free Quotes and Samples

All Points Fasteners stands behind our products. We’re so confident you’ve never had a better screw that we deliver free samples before you place an order. You can also fill out this form for a 100% free quote for your custom work.

Not sure you see what you need? Just contact us directly. We’ll work to match your need with our inventory or take the next step to help you scour the world looking for the perfect fit.