What is a sqaure drive screw

What Is a Square Drive Screw?

The square drive screw is designed to be used in installing decking, furniture manufacturing operations, along with other demanding industries that use tough materials like hardwoods. Screws can utilize several  other drive types, including:

  • Allen drives: Screws with Allen drives have socket heads with multiple sides. They risk camming out under excessive force.
  • Hex heads: Screws with hex heads are used with a wrench or a socket and ratchet.
  • Slotted and Phillips drives: These drives are some of the most common. However, screw heads with slotted and Phillips drives usually cam out easily.

Until the square drive screw was invented, nearly all screws were slot head or straight drive screws. Square drives, also known as Robertson drives, lower the risk of camming out. For one-handed driving and an excellent grip, look no further than the square drive.

How Square Drive Screws Work

Square drive screws are most resistant to stripping out or screwdriver slips.

Square drive screws make it easier for screw tips to remain in place during driving. They also help prevent slipping and stripping. Square drive wood screws have a thick shaft and are made of softer metal, allowing them to drive through wood and reduce cam out. This design means you can avoid scarring up the finish and make joints tight on the first attempt.

The square drive screw has a central square head that fits neatly into a driver, which comes in handy when you’re working on a project that uses join angles and composite materials. You can also disassemble your project without damaging the item or stripping the screw. The heat-treated steel offers dependable strength, and for better holding, the optimized thread depth reduces crumbling between threads.

The sharp thread angle also cuts cleanly into wood to minimize splitting or cracking. Square drive screws reduce driving resistance due to their minimum body diameter, and the sharp point can get a screw started quickly without a pilot hole.

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