copper screws with pennies

Copper Gutters and the Screws Used to Install Them

It seems that recently, copper gutters have become more and popular on high end homes. I know that we have received an increase of requests for our copper plated stainless steel zip screws that are used to install these beauties!

There are several reasons for choosing copper gutters for your home other than just the fact they are just plain GORGEOUS! The stainless copper plated zip screws to install these gutters come in three different choices.

One style is 410 stainless steel (magnetic) which is copper plated. A benefit of using 401 stainless steel is that you will be able to use your magnetic chucks which will make installation easier. A downside is that because there is some carbon steel in the make up of the screw, which makes it magnetic and also a little stronger, there will be some surface rust after time. But being used with copper gutters the effect will blend in with the patina of the copper.

Another choice is 18-8 stainless steel (non-magnetic) copper plated zip screw. Since this style has no carbon steel, no surface rust will develop, however, it will not be magnetic either.

And then there are the pure copper zip screw. These, though, are only available in 8 x 1/2.

Many gutter installers who do copper gutter also use pop rivets which are copper with brass mandrels. The mandrels are made of brass because brass is stronger than pure copper but won’t have a chemical corrosive reaction with the copper gutters. Copper rivets with steel mandrels are pretty common but finding them with brass mandrels can be more challenging.