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Gutter Zip Screws

Gutter zip screws primer. We are proud to present the third in our series of product primers.

Gutter screws. They’re not what they were during the ’80s or ’90s. Like everything else, time has evolved from what used to be a standard 8 x 1 1/2 hex washer needlepoint zip screw to our beefy, 10 x 1 1/2 hex washer head needlepoint zip screws with a high profile 1/4″ hex head and a fillet underneath the head to give it extra strength. One nice feature of this screw is that, even though it has a #10 shank, it has a 1/4 hex head, which is standard with a #8 screw. Since the gutter and siding industry uses #8 screws, the #8 style head was used on this screw so that the installers wouldn’t have to constantly be changing the chucks in their drills from 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch magnetic drivers. In addition, there is a high-profile head on the screws so that they will stay in the drivers and not fall out.

ceramic gutter screws

Ceramic Zip Screws for Gutters

Another option for zip screws used in siding and gutters is the choice to have a ceramic coating, with anywhere from 500 to 1200 salt spray hours of testing. Ceramic-Coated Needlepoint screws are some of our most popular gutter screws at All Points Fasteners. Compared to traditional gutter screws, ceramic zip screws are well suited for environments with a high frequency of rain or moisture, such as beachfront and coastal properties. They are also ideal for use in humid climates.

Ceramic zip screws have a few advantages over traditional zinc plated and stainless steel options.  They are more rust resistant than standard carbon steel zinc plated but not as expensive as stainless steel screws. When you’re working on a small- or medium-sized project, ceramic screws are one of the most economical options.

Dacromet® Screws for Gutters

Screws with this Dacromet® coating are perfect for areas that are exposed to moisture and wet weather. They are also available with the heads painted to match popular siding colors. Dacromet® is one of the most advanced screw coatings on the market today and offers superior solvent resistance. Each Dacromet® screw delivers four-way corrosion protection that’s suited for use with decks, roofs, siding – and most importantly, gutters.

Dacromet® coating is incredibly thin, typically is no more than 0.5 mm thick. This feature makes these screws ideal for applications that necessitate minimal interference between the screw and its coating. What really sets Dacromet® apart from its competitors is its exceptional heat resistance of up to 800 F or 426 C. Dacromet® goes above and beyond just gutter applications and is even used in aerospace construction.

Screws for Copper Gutters

For copper gutters, there are many more options available than what was in the past. Choose from stainless steel zip screws, magnetic and non-magnetic, and copper-plated stainless zip screws to match the copper gutters. As one of the most resilient forms of rainwater collection, copper gutters make a stunning and practical addition to any home.

Copper gutters require screws without carbon steel to prevent surface rust. This requirement makes choices like stainless steel non-magnetic zip screws the top choice for copper gutters, while our copper zip screws and copper rivets also work.

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