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Screws for Metal Studs

Contractors use metal studs in commercial and industrial buildings to prevent fires, termites and other hazards. Recently, many contractors have begun using them in residential homes as well. Metal studs are stable and sturdy for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. However, most screws will not penetrate through metal studs.

Often, contractors have to use special screws for metal studs due to the material’s durability. These screws have finer threads and sharper tips to better pierce and provide hold in metal studs. Fine-threaded screws work best because drywall screws are not strong enough for the job.

Self-Tapping Screws for Metal Studs

A self-tapping screw is commonly referred to as a “metal screw” since they are frequently used to fasten metallic materials. Self-tapping screws “tap” or cut threads into a metal. However, these types of screws enter material at a slow rate because they have finer threads for greater fastening power. Self-tapping screws may require a pilot hole to drill through metal since their points can have different shapes:

  • Thread-forming tips: Displace material as the screw drills into plastic
  • Thread-cutting tips: Remove material as the screw cuts into metal or wood

Self-Drilling Screws for Metal Studs

A self-drilling screw is a type of self-tapping screw with a point shaped like a drill bit to provide an easier start into the base material. Contractors often know these fasteners by the TEK® brand name because this company popularized this type of screw.

Self-drilling screws drill, tap and fasten metal to metal in a quicker, cost-effective way. Though the screw lengths vary in size, the drill bit tip is the defining component. These tips are numbered from #1 to #5 to denote their length and thickness, which are the factors that determine the thickness of metal they can pierce. The main benefit of self-drilling screws for metal studs is that their specialized tips eliminate the need for a pilot hole.

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