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Wood-to-Metal Screws — Reamer TEK® Screws

This screw is not a well-known screw but to our educated contractors it is a necessary screw. The head on the Reamer TEK® screw is normally flat with a phillips drive and the threads are finer, which means the screw will not turn faster than the drill bit and will prevent it from breaking, which costs time and money to everyone.

This wood-to-metal screw can be used on both hardwoods and softwoods. There are wings on the bottom of this screw which break off when reaching the metal and allow the screw to drill out the wood and then connect to the metal. The good news is most of your projects do not need to be pre-drilled when using this wood-to-steel screw!

You can use these screws in all types of building projects, such as truck beds, trailer decks, four-wheeler trailers and horse trailers, and even docks. These wood-to metal screws can also be used when building decks and composite decks.  Once our contractors find out about the Reamer TEK® screw, they continue to use them. It has become one of our best selling products.

Many of our customers come to us to ask questions about Reamer TEK® screws before buying. Some of the most common questions are “Will it damage the wood?” “What sizes will I need?” Reamer TEK® screws are specially designed not to damage the wood. They come in a variety of sizes for use in all your DIY products involving wood to metal. If you are not sure of the sizes you need, we have the specifications available to help you choose the right screw for you.

The screws are manufactured with wings that ream out the wood to prevent early thread engagement into the timber prior to the drill point drilling in the metal. The wings are made to snap-off when they connect with steel that is 16 gauge (.060″) or thicker. These fasteners are not produced for use in steel thinner than 16 gauge.

The fasteners are built with finer threads, typically 16 to 24 threads per inch, so that the drill bit can get a chance to drill in the thicker metals without snapping. There is additionally a slot in the shank that carries the metal shavings from the screw’s drill motion and stops them from interfering using the fastener threads as they tap into metal. These Reamer TEK® screws will include the choice of #3, #4 or #5 screw points.

An additional choice will be what material will be used in manufacturing. Usually, these are made with normal carbon steel, but for applications requiring resistance to corrosion, similar to being utilized on wood docks close to water, there are stainless steel Reamer TEK® screws available that are coated for additional rust resistance for use with ACQ lumber.

For the ultimate rust resistance, there are bi-metal Reamer TEK® screws where the body of the screw is completely non-magnetic stainless but the point is made of hardened carbon steel. This allows the bit tip to do all the hard work but the body remains completely rust-free and non-corrosive. The downside is that they are costly but, for some, very worth the price!

Potential Uses for Reamer TEK® Wood-to-Metal Screws

While wood-to-metal fasteners may be useful in trailer beds, trailer decks and some of the wood-related projects mentioned above, they can also offer benefits in other applications. Some more examples of places you can install Reamer TEK® screws include:

  • Roofs: Reamer TEK® screws work well for metal roof decking applications. While many roof decks rely on wooden planks or sheets attached to a building’s wooden frame, a roof deck can use sheet metal for extra durability and protection against water damage. In these cases, Reamer TEK® screws provide the secure fastening between a building’s wooden beams and the metal decking. Once you secure the metal decking, you can apply the shingles or tiles for long-term wear.
  • Subfloors: While it’s not common in residential applications, plywood subfloors can sit on top of steel structural beams. Reamer TEK® screws can create a secure fit between the metal beam and plywood to form a stable foundation for hardwood floors, tile and other flooring types.
  • Siding: Wood frame buildings with metal siding are typical for industrial and commercial structures, though some homes may use it for stylistic reasons. Builders can use Reamer TEK® screws to attach the metal siding. This screw type can also be helpful for installing aluminum liner panels for garages, basements and other spaces.

Why Choose All Points Fasteners for Wood-to-Metal Screws and Other Fasteners?

When you partner with All Points Fasteners, you will always receive quality screws you can trust for your most challenging fastening applications. We only sell products from leading manufacturers with a stellar reputation for reliability, longevity and performance. We serve the needs of construction contractors and others who require superior tools and equipment that will add value to their projects and reduce their operating costs.

We also focus on establishing long-term relationships with our customers. We accomplish this task by implementing a service-oriented approach to selling fasteners. We’re available to assist you with product selection, enabling you to find the ideal metal or wood screws for your applications. We’re the only supplier in our industry that offers a live online chat feature, so you can converse with a knowledgeable individual who is willing and able to help you.

Another reason to choose us over the other metal and wood screw suppliers is our unwavering commitment to filling every customer’s need. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for in our extensive inventory, but we can also source items we don’t carry. We’re even willing to chase down product data to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

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