How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting the Fastener Industry

How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting the Fastener Industry

From the pandemic to sky-high inflation, the past few years have been challenging for many industries. Factory shutdowns and port disruptions slowed the production of many products that the world needs to continue functioning. Recently, the fastener supply chain hasn’t been immune from problems, including shortages.

Supply chain troubles can cause your company to fall behind on its projects or even lose customers. Fortunately, there are ways to manage the shortages and adjust to keep your projects on time and on schedule as much as possible.

What’s Driving Fastener Supply Chain Issues?

Supply chain problems are complex, and there are several factors that contribute to the overall issue and lead to material shortages. Some of the concerns behind fastener supply chain issues are:

  • Labor shortages: Companies need employees to work in the plants that manufacture fasteners like screws and bolts. They also need workers to load the containers and work at the ports. Labor shortages, due to illness, isolation requirements or people leaving their jobs, have affected the speed at which companies can produce and ship fasteners.
  • Container shortages: Fasteners that come to the U.S. from abroad usually make the journey on container ships. A shortage of available containers has made it challenging for supplies to be shipped. The container shortage is partly caused by a labor shortage, as there aren’t enough drivers or vehicles to return the containers to their origin.
  • Port congestion: In addition to a limited number of containers, many of the ports that receive container ships have also experienced congestion, with ships having to wait to be unloaded. The delay in unloading ships has led to a delay in products getting to the companies that need them.
  • Limited materials: There’s been a shortage of raw materials needed to produce specific fasteners, such as stainless steel. In some cases, material shortages are directly connected to labor shortages.

How to Cope With Industrial Fastener Supply Chain Issues

If your company can’t get the fasteners it needs, it may have to delay projects or use sub-standard supplies as a stopgap. Sometimes, an alternative fastener isn’t an option, as it can void warranties.

The best way to deal with fastener supply chain concerns is to work with a fastener importer and distributor, particularly one that specializes in finding hard-to-locate screws and other fasteners. All Points Fasteners is working hard to find a solution to the insulation screw shortage for its clients and will work hard to find and source other hard-to-locate fasteners you need.

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