Tek Screw FAQ

FAQs about Tek Screws

What Is a TEK® Screw?

TEK® type screws are a popular screw type with drill-bit ends that enable them to self-drill. Their innovative tip design allows users to perform drilling applications without creating a pilot hole before fastening.


What Are TEK® Type Screws Good for?

TEK® screws are useful for drilling a wide range of materials like metal sheets, aluminum, stainless steel, wood and timber. They are widely used across electrical, insulation, roofing, construction, cladding and HVAC applications.


Do You Need a Drill for TEK® Type Screws?

The biggest benefit of TEK® type screws is that you don’t need to drill pilot holes before using them. Many contractors use impact drills for convenience and speed, however, this is NOT recommended by screw manufacturers as the screws were not designed to withhold the force of impact drills.  Keep in mind that even though you do not need a pilot hole, you still need to use a drill to drive in self-drilling screws.


How Do You Remove Tek® Screws?

Tek® screws can be easily removed with a driver or similar tool. Fit the driver into the slots on the Tek® screw and unscrew it from the wood. If the Tek® screw is difficult to remove, don’t force it, as too much force can strip the screw and make removal much more challenging.


What Materials Are Tek® Screws Good For?

Tek® screws are used for drilling in materials such as:

  • Sheet metal
  • Aluminum
  • Timber
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood


These materials are common in applications like:

  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Cladding


Do Tek® Screws Rust?

You can buy tek screws that are manufactured from 410 stainless and 18-8 stainless.  Tek screws made from these materials are more resistant to rust than ones made from carbon steel and are zinc plated.


Can You Reuse Tek® Screws?

While we do not recommend this, Tek® screws can theoretically be reused for other projects once removed from the substrate. Since the various Tek® screw types are designed for specific uses, be sure to match your Tek® screw to the right application.

When replacing a screw that you have removed,, you need use a larger diameter screw to ensure a secure fit.


What Are the Different Tek® Screw Finishes?

Steel and stainless steel Tek® screws have various finishes available, including zinc plating, and black phosphate. These finishes give the Tek® screw additional protective and functional properties.


Various Head Styles of Self-Drilling Screws

All Points Fasteners is pleased to offer several tek screw head styles to meet any customer requirement:

  • Indented hex washer head unslotted: This head style is the most popular with roofing, gutter and siding contractors. They can include a feature a bonded washer that forms a reliable, leak-proof seal, helping to keep out rain and moisture.
  • Phillips modified truss/wafer head: These versatile fasteners are also referred to as round washer head and k-lathe screws. They consist of a large-diameter washer that provides a clean, low-profile surface. They’re an excellent choice for general construction work, HVAC installation projects involving ductwork and a wide range of additional applications.
  • Reamer Tek® screws: These self-drilling screws are ideal for wood-to-metal fastening applications. They feature a pair of metal wings on the screw shank that reams out wood, preventing the premature engagement of the thread. As the screw drills through the wood, the wings break off once they hit the metal.
  • Drywall Tek® screws: As the name implies, these types of self-drilling screws are specifically designed for drywall fastening applications. 
  • Phillips oval head:. They include a uniquely designed curved head that offers a smooth profile and prevents snags during installation work. They’re also easy to install, saving time and effort.
  • Phillips pan head: If you’re looking for a self-tapping, self-drilling screw with a lower profile than an oval or round head product, this item can meet your needs. These screws feature a rounded base with a flat head that rests atop the material it fastens. They are available with a  deep slot drive which enables increased torque with minimal risk of fastener damage. The flatter underside also increases the holding capability by providing more surface area.
  • Phillips bugle: This self-tapping, self-drilling screw consists of a flat top with a countersunk head and a concave bearing surface, making it perfectly suited for drywall fastening applications when attaching the material to metal studs
  • Wafer head Phillips: The innovative conical underhead design ensures a flush fit and bearing surface that’s compatible with softer materials like wood, fiberglass, aluminum and sheet metal. If they are stainless steel or have a cermaic coating, they will provide excellent rust resistance.
  • Trim head: A trim head screw looks much like a flat-head fastener. But a closer inspection reveals the trim version has a smaller surface head. This feature makes the trim head the better choice for applications requiring screws with less noticeable appearances. Consider these fasteners for elaborate carpentry projects or any other job requiring the strength of a screw and the subtle look of a nail.


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Common Screw Finishes

Common Screw Finishes

Resiliency and durability are critical when choosing the best fastener for your project. Because consumers depend on high-performance fasteners to provide decades of reliable service, you should select the coating that meets the needs of your unique application. High-quality coatings can add years to the life spans of the fasteners they protect.

Different Types of Screw and Fastener Finishes

At All Points Fasteners, we offer various coatings, including:

  • Zinc: Zinc is one of the industry’s most common fastener coatings for indoor and outdoor applications. It’s a cost-effective solution that prevents rust by combating moisture and humidity better than many other metals and alloys.
  • Polymer: Polymer coatings act as a barrier by creating a tight seal around the fastener. Besides offering solid levels of corrosion resistance, these finishes are ideal for reducing friction during installation.
  • Chrome: Chrome-plated finishes provide one of the most durable protective solutions against corrosion and wear and tear. Although chrome is among the most expensive finish options, few other alternatives compare to its aesthetics, surface hardness and ease of cleaning.
  • Nickel plating: Nickel-plating finishes deliver excellent wear resistance, corrosion protection and galling prevention. This option is among the most popular decorative finishes because it prevents flaking and chipping while helping reduce friction.
  • Bronze: Bronze finishes are versatile because they deliver solid corrosion resistance with excellent aesthetics. Bronze screws are also hard enough to drive without being too brittle to cause cracking in demanding projects.
  • Antique and bright brass: Antique brass finishes get their dark color from chemical treatment during manufacturing, creating a brown shade with golden tones that mimic vintage hardware. Bright brass finishes are popular for decorative purposes in cabinetry and similar woodworking applications. Keep in mind that most decorative coatings offer minimal corrosion resistance.
  • Black phosphate: Besides offering decent corrosion protection, phosphate coatings provide an excellent adhesion base for secondary finishing. Screws coated with black phosphate are most common for installing drywall in building and contracting applications.

DACROMET® Coated Screws and Fasteners

To provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative products, All Points Fasteners offers DACROMET® coated screws and fasteners. DACROMET is one of the market’s most advanced ceramic coatings, delivering exceptional corrosion, heat and solvent resistance.

As one of the most environmentally friendly fastener options, DACROMET offers four-way protection durable enough to provide long-term resistance to extreme weather and the elements for outdoor applications. Because of these characteristics, this coating is the perfect choice for roofing screws, deck screws, siding screws and similar products.

Discover More Screw Finishes With All Points Fasteners

If you want to learn more about which screw finish is most beneficial to your unique application, the experts at All Points Fasteners can guide you. We aim to provide high-quality, cost-effective fastening solutions to complete your projects quickly and accurately. Contact us online today for a quote or to request additional product information.