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Galvanic Reaction Chart

Fastener Selection
Choosing the right fastener is an essential consideration in any job. Whether you are working with wood, metal, laminates or another material, you need to know the fastener you choose will provide reliable, dependable performance. From installing HVAC equipment or completing a general construction build to working on a manufacturing floor, fasteners play a small but key role in the overall success of your project.

To support a wide range of potential applications, All Points Fasteners carries an extensive inventory of screws, rivets, anchors, nuts, bolts and more. One drawback to this is that, unless you specifically know what you want, choosing the right product can be difficult.

Fastener Selection and Corrosion Resistance

A number of factors come into play when choosing a fastener. Size and load rating are, of course, important. When working outside, or on a product that will be exposed to the elements, corrosion resistance is another key concern. Different metals react to one another differently – the wrong combination of fastener and base material can actually increase the potential for corrosion, reducing the overall quality of your work as a result.

We’ve prepared the following chart to help you understand how different fasteners and base metals interact with one another. Simply consult the vertical columns to find the base material of your choice, and look at the corresponding row to see how it interacts with a given fastener type.


While some fastener/base material combinations will lead to a marginal or marked increase in corrosion, they may still be suitable for indoor use. Other combinations, such as an aluminum or aluminum alloy fastener and a Martensite 410 stainless base material, are not recommended by most manufacturers.  However, at All Points Fasteners, our 410 stainless zip screws are also ceramic coated to help prevent galvanic reaction.  We have been providing these screws for years and our gutter installers love them!

For more information, please visit individual product pages or, better yet, contact an All Points Fasteners representative to get assistance choosing the best fastener for your application.

Contact All Points for Your FREE Sample

Still not certain which is the best fastener for your job? All Points Fasteners offers new customers free samples of some of our most popular products. That way, you can test a potential purchase for corrosion resistance in real-world conditions. You’ll also get the benefit of seeing the exceptional quality of our products firsthand, so you can shop with confidence when it’s time to buy.

All our products are manufactured domestically and available in a wide range of sizes, coating types and configurations. Whatever the specific demands of your project, we can match you with a high-quality fastener at a price that works for your budget.

If you don’t see the fastener of your choice listed in our inventory or on the above chart, please contact a representative directly. There’s a good chance we can source what you’re looking for and advise on the proper installation technique.

Check out our Galvanic Corrosion Chart which guides you in choosing the correct fastener to Minimize Galvanic Reaction (Corrosion) Between Fastener and Base Metal

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