Color & Type Options for Self-Tapping Zip Screws

Self-Tapping Zip Screws – Oodles of Options!

Zip screws, aka needle point screws, have self-piercing points and twin-fast threads that are perfect for screwing through light gauge metal.
We suggest them for 30 gauge down to 24. Everyone is familiar with the versions that are zinc plated. They are very popular with the HVAC industry for round and square duct work. These are generally used for interior projects where rust isn’t a major concern.
Another version of the zip screw, needle point screw, is one that is designed for the gutter industry. With a high profile 1/4″ hex head on a #10 shank, rather than the normal 5/16 hex chuck. It also features a fillet underneath the head for extra strength

If additional rust resistance is required due to weather or application, ceramic coated zip screws and stainless zip screws are available.

In addition to 1000 hour salt spray protection, the heads of these screws are also frequently painted to match siding, gutters or metal roofs!

Bonded Neoprene washers can be fitted for metal roofs.

Zip screws with the Type 17 point, or auger point, helps the screws to start easier. The ‘cut out’ at the point of the screw allows the displaced wood to escape and, therefore, keeps the wood from splitting. The high/low threads contribute to stronger fastening and greater resistance to pull out.
Most zip screws are simply zinc plated, however, for areas where rust might be a concern, there are stainless steel needle point screws available. They are available in magnetic (410 stainless) and non-magnetic (18-8 stainless). The benefit of 18-8 stainless is that here is no carbon steel so there is no surface rust at all, however, that means the screws will not be magnetic. The 410 stainless zip screws will be magnetic, however, overtime, some surface rust will become apparent. We have gone one step further to protect from surface rust. Our 410 stainless screws also have a ceramic coating for additional protection.

And finally, there are zip screws with ceramic coated with 500 to 1000 salt spray tested plating. These are also available with their heads painted to match gutters or metal roofing.