Color and Type Options for Zip Screws

Zip screws, are a standard fastener in many construction applications. With a range of available zip screw colors and finishes, professionals can make their work look cleaner without sacrificing durability.

What Are Zip Screws?

Zip screws have many other names, including needlepoint screws. These screws have self-piercing points and twin-fast threads that work with 24- to 30-gauge sheet metal. Many industries, including HVAC and roofing, use this type of screw for projects.

Types of Zip Screws

Zip screws are often plated with zinc for applications in areas such as the HVAC industry, but there are other materials available, as well. In addition, there are variations in the designs of these screws for different functions. Some types of zip screws include:

  • Rust-resistant: In gutter construction and other outdoor applications where rust is a concern, ceramic-plated and stainless steel zip screws are standard. Ceramic plating is often tested by up to 1,000 hours of salt spray to ensure protection. Stainless steel screws include magnetic and non-magnetic styles.
  • Auger points: These fasteners have a cut out at the screw point, allowing displaced wood to escape and prevent splitting. With high/low threads, auger point zip screws offer greater resistance to pull out.
  • Gutter styles: Needlepoint screws designed for gutter construction use a #10 shank and high profile 1/4″ hex head. These gutter styles also include a fillet under the head for added strength.

Zip Screw Colors

Colored sheet metal screws are often used in roofing applications where builders want the fasteners to match the roof color. Using painted sheet metal screws can make your project look cleaner and more professional.

Since colored zip screws have many applications, there are many colors available to suit your needs. Whether you need white painted sheet metal screws or a more unconventional color, you can find what you need at All Points Fasteners. We carry a variety of 20 hues for your projects. For example, if you are looking for a specific green to match what you are working on, you can select from our forest, leaf, marine or moss green tints. With a paint chip, we can also color match for your project.

Find Colored Sheet Metal Screws at All Points Fasteners

All Point Fasteners carries a range of self-piercing screws for your sheet metal applications. You can also find specialty zip screws with coatings and gutter configurations. Explore your options today and make your next project durable and professional. Request a quote or contact us today to receive more information about our products.