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The History of Self-Drilling Screws

Tek is to self-drilling screws as Kleenex is to nose tissue –  a brand name. As the first of its kind, “tek” became synonymous with the self-drilling screw design, and now tek screws are essential for a range of applications today.

At All Points Fasteners, we know what professionals look for in self-drilling screws. It’s helpful to learn more about this essential fastener and how our team can help you find the right tek screw for your project.

How Do Self-Drilling Screws Work?

The original self-drilling screw featured threading like a regular screw, but the end had a drill bit shape. This drill bit end eliminated the need to pre-drill a hole before using a screw, saving time and money. After the drill bit punctured the surface, the sharp threads tapped the material to create a strong seal with the screw.

The original design also included a tall head with serrations under the washer to add additional locking abilities. This detail ensured self-drilling screws stayed closely fastened to their materials, making them reliable for many applications.

As this time-saving screw design became more popular, other companies found ways to produce a similar product with low-cost materials and fewer features. Many modern self-drilling screws have eliminated the serrations but maintained the signature drill bit end.

What Are Self-Drilling Screws Used for?

Self-drilling screws are useful for fastening wood and metal. They can attach wood to wood, metal to metal and metal to wood, and they’re ideal for most lightweight and low-density materials. It’s also easy to know how to use a self-drilling screw due to their simple design. Applications for these screws include:


  • HVAC projects
  • Metal roofing
  • Cladding
  • Steel framing

Tek screws are also helpful for many types of metal building and light-gauge metal assemblies, making them common in most general construction environments. With a range of head types, lengths and shank sizes, these screws adapt to your project with ease.


Find Well-Made Self-Drilling Screws at All Points Fasteners

We work with reliable manufacturers to deliver self-drilling screws you can trust. While most other importers put their parts up to bid for manufacturing, we stay with one manufacturer in order to maintain quality control.   Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about our products, or browse our site to find what you need.

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