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Large Flange Rivets
All Points Fasteners' large flange rivets are available in multiple sizes and material configurations. Whatever your application, we have a product available that will meet your specifications. Our large head aluminum flange pop rivets feature American-made quality, superior corrosion resistance and excellent overall strength — keep reading to learn more or contact our office directly to place an order.

Specs and Applications
Large flange rivets are a type of pop rivet that features a wider flange than conventional fasteners. When installed properly, they provide the extra fastening power required to attach sheet metal or other large materials to a soft frame. As a result, large flange rivets are frequently employed to install HVAC ducting and aluminum siding, or for woodworking and home construction.

A wider flange means a greater surface area is covered, which reduces the number of rivets required to install a large piece of sheet metal or another fixture. This not only saves time and money, but it also provides a unique look that is appropriate for certain types of projects. A larger flange will also be less susceptible to the effects of vibration over time, which makes it an ideal choice for truck and trailer manufacturing. 

Product Options
Our large flange fasteners are available in several different rivet/mandrel combinations. For general purpose use, our large flange steel rivet/mandrel fasteners offer the best value. We also sell stainless steel rivet/mandrel fasteners which provide additional corrosion protection for outdoor use. Our aluminum large flange pop rivets are lighter weight but less durable overall. Finally, our combination aluminum rivet/steel mandrel fasteners offer the benefits of both materials.

All four rivet/mandrel material combinations are available in various sizes, lengths and flange diameters. Buy by the case for the best value. For detailed specifications, please consult the chart on this page.

The Affordable Choice for All Your Fastener Needs
With one of the best selections of large flange rivets for sale, there’s no better partner for all your hardware needs than All Points Fasteners. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we develop with our customers — as an independent business, we are able to offer a level of service national chains and overseas suppliers can’t. If there’s something in particular you are looking for, we can source it for you. Need advice or assistance choosing the best fastener for an upcoming job? Our knowledgeable sales team is just a phone call away.

All Points Fasteners is proud to offer customers a premium product at an affordable price. We are able to quickly fulfill orders for customers around the country. To see the quality of our large flange rivets in action before making a purchase, be sure to request a free sample. Contact a sales rep today for more information.

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