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Which is better for attaching furring strips to framing for hanging shiplap siding? Ceramic screws or stainless steel? They’ll have to go through 1/2 playwood + 2″ polyiso rigid foam + 3/4″ furring strip itself before they hit the framing. 3/4″ -1″ into framing should be fine. So a 4″ or 4 1/2″ screw…which material for holding up in weather?

Stainless Steel.

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went to home depot for metal roof screws but they only had max widths of 4mm, same as what my roof currently uses. Need a wider diameter (not longer) screw for the roof holes in the wood that have been compromised over the years and will no longer hold a standard size screw. are they available?

what size shank are your old screws?

hang on

here is a pdf that shows shank size dimentions

shank is 1″, diameter is 1/4″. diameter of 3/8″ would be ideal

ok, more difficult because #14 or 1/4″ shank is pretty standard.

you would need to replace it with a #17. i have to see if a 1 inch is available.

since you are replacing a screw, you do not need to replace with another self drilling screw

correct, but i do need the type with the rubber washer

maybe people just fill the oversized holes with some type of wood hardener that’s waterproof? i used silicone but it doesn’t hold the screws

i have never heard of anyone doing that in 35 years. they always jump to the next size so the threads can tap again

#17 would be your best bet

i do know that some people who have to replace #14 screws, will jump to a 5/16 lag type screw and put a bonded neo washer on it to seal


no problem. good luck!

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Hi, we are going to use dacromat coated screw in one of our project, should we consider any consideration during fastening the screw in order to prevent coat damage?



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do you have 3″ TEK screws

yes we do

what shank? what is the diameter? 3/8 would be best

thickest is normally #14, which is a 1/4″ thick shank. It has a 3/8 hex head.

great, thanks

let me give you a link to the page –
thanks, thats awesome. thank you for your help

you’re very welcome

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what size anchors fits in a hole drilled by a bit size 3/16

what type of anchor are you looking to buy?

zinc hammer drive

ok, looks like you would use a 3/16 hammerdrive. we have those in 3/16×7/8 –

thank you

you’re welcome

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hi, can you tell me the difference between tek 3 and tek 5 screws?

yes, a tek 5 can go through up to 1/2″ steel

here is data on tek 3:

so the tek 3 just have a shorter drill head?

tek 3 can’t go thru the real thick metals

what thickness do you want to drill thorugh?

1/4 to 3/8″

then you need a tek 5

Thanks for your help.

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