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Metal Anchors for Plaster Walls

A vital piece of the All Points Fasteners offering is the Zip-It anchor. These are single-piece self-drilling anchors designed for use in plaster walls. We offer both zinc metal Zip-It anchors and plastic anchors.

All Points Fasteners recommends the Zip-It brand because it works well for a variety of loads and it’s often included in many consumer goods, such as wallboards, so people tend to have a lot of experience directly with it. You can also typically install everything by hand, which makes the process simple and easy in most cases.

Just remember, if you’re going to use an electric screw gun when screwing through your Zip It anchor, use a low speed. Exceeding about 300 RPM can cause some damage to your wall.

Installing Metal Anchors for Plaster Walls

If you’re working on plaster walls, you’ll want to take your time and move slowly in order to make sure your drywall anchor screws are installed properly. Plastic anchors often don’t work well with plaster walls, so we recommend you use Zinc metal anchors designed for plaster walls, like the Zip It anchors.

Pre-drill your hole with a masonry bit and match up your need with your anchor. If you aren’t going too deep or heavy, you can also tap the Zip anchor with a hammer to start to your hole and then simply screw the anchor in until it is flush with the wall.

Typically metal anchors can support light and medium-weight applications. For installing a cabinet, you’ll likely want to go with a molly or toggle bolt. If your business is installing TVs, you could also consider anchoring directly into the metal studs.

Anchors for Metal Stud Walls

Many contractors run into metal studs because they’re being required by more and more municipalities and are becoming popular in lists of installation best practices. Metal stud walls are a bit more fire resistant, can be easier to carry, and are often faster to install. Once you get used to them, you’ll likely grow to love them as many of our customers and contractor partners do.

Drywall anchor screws such as the Zip-It branded anchor are a top choice for many looking to install anchors in metal stud walls. Typically mounting options may not work well on metal studs, but anchors give the help you need by expanding during installation.

Install your anchors for metal studs directly through the face of the stud so your Zip anchor is resting against the back layer of sheet metal. Never use a wood bit because studs can often tear if you’re not careful.

We also recommend considering self-tapping drywall screws made for metal because they’ve got a shorter distance between threads and can give you a strong hold. You might want to test whether this or your Zip It anchor works best on metal.

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