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Zip Screws and Tek Screws, The Most Popular Self-Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws, such as zip screws and tek screws are ideal for jobs when you plan to attach material that are of different kinds, such as wood to metal, metal to plastics and metal to metal. Self tapping screws are extremely versatile and simple to use since they will tap their own threads as you drive them into your material, and this in turn will save you time and time equals money! There are many kinds of self tapping screws you can buy today and they each have their own purpose.

There are basically two types of popular self tapping screws available, zip screws and tek screws. Type A screws are also self tapping, as they tap their own threads, however, they are not as popular as they normally need a pilot hole to get them started. There are two types of tips for self tapping screws and that they are the self piercing screw, also known as zip screws, and the other is the drill bit tip, [tek screws] tek screw type. Self tapping screws can sometimes need a pilot hole which is much smaller than the diameter of your self tapping screw, this way your screw can have enough material to create its thread and attached itself into.

While self piercing, zip screws, can pierce its own hole and create its own threads on the process of driving them, this is usually done with thinner gauges of metal starting at 24 gauge.

ip screws and tek screws are readily available to help save you time and money.