zip tek screws ceramic and steel

Zip Screws and Tek Screws – Quality DOES Count!

Zip screws and tek screws….having always promoted the benefits of buying well made quality screws, it is disheartening to hear ‘a screw is a screw’ after a buyer tells me that he only buys his fasteners dirt cheap.

As a salesperson who knows the benefits of their product, sometimes it’s only after your customers stray and experience the real ‘cost’ of buying cheap zip and tek screws that they come to appreciate the security of knowing that their self-tapping needle-points and self-drilling screws will perform time and time again!

Well, yesterday I got the pleasure of having one such customer come back to me after having bought those ‘cheap’ screws. He said it took him a couple of purchases to figure out just how expensive those cheap screws really were between time and labor and throwing out the ones that just didn’t work.

Our hats say it all – “All Points Fasteners The Best Screw In Town!”