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Tapcon Screws

As a contractor, you know the value of durable and dependable products for long-lasting results. Tapcon® screws are brand-name masonry screws for light-duty fastening to brick, block, concrete and masonry materials.

What Are Tapcon Screws?

Recognized by specific features, Tapcons are often called “blue screws” for their color or “concrete screws” for their purpose. Tapcons are available in various sizes and can fasten fixtures to several surfaces. They take their name from how they work — the screws “tap” threads into the material that surrounds the hole. Tapcon head types include hex heads and Phillips flat heads.

Tapcon Screw Coating

Two material options for these screws protect against corrosion and rust — Blue Climaseal® coating over carbon steel and 410 stainless steel composition. The blue screws work well for indoor projects, while the silver variety are made with stainless steel and will last longer in harsh environments.

Tapcon Screw Sizes

Tapcons are available in 3/16- and 1/4-inch diameters. The 3/16-inch diameter concrete screws come in lengths between 1 1/4 inches and 4 inches. For the 1/4-inch diameter screws, there are additional options in 5- or 6-inch lengths.

Tapcon Screw Embedment Range

The embedment range is 1 to 1 3/4 inches. To determine the screw’s holding values, you need to know the base material’s quality.

Tapcon Screw Holes

The opening’s diameter and depth are significant for a tighter fit. For 3/16-inch screws, you need to make a 5/32-inch hole. 1/4-inch screws require a 3/16-inch hole. Regardless of hole diameter, the depth must be 1/4 inch deeper than your concrete Tapcon.

How to Use Tapcon Screws

You can install Tapcon screws in a few easy steps:

  1. Drill the hole: Use a hammer drill with an appropriately sized drill bit, following ANSI standards.
  2. Clean the hole: Consider using a wire brush, vacuum, compressed air or another tool. Ensure that there is no debris in the opening.
  3. Insert the screw: Make sure the screw goes through the fixture and the base material.
  4. Turn the screw: Rotate the screw at a clockwise angle. Go slow when tightening the Tapcon to allow the threads to press into the base material. Ensure that the screw is not over-torqued, as doing so will strip the threads and reduce fastening power.

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