Save Money with Bulk | Buy Self-Tapping Tek Screws in Bulk

Buying Self-Tapping Tek Style Screws Bulk

Why should you consider buying in bulk when you can buy in small quantities? That’s too many… right?


We realize that smart business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs for their companies. Bulk purchasing is when an actual contractor, or ‘end user’ reaps the benefits of buying goods, wholesale. This allows for the contractor to reach more of his demands with our product, at a much lower cost than what he would get from his local supplier, in most cases.

There are contractors out there who put in an order for supplies, and need them there, that same day. There are circumstances where convenience is definitely a priority. However, there are obviously items that contractors use EVERY DAY, and this is where we come in with savings, AND a quality product. We provide zip and tek screws in bulk at lower, distributor pricing. Contractors can take advantage of more of a ‘use value’ for the money they’ve spent. For any kind of ‘non-perishable’ item that one uses all the time, it just makes sense!

Buying in bulk is not the ultimate solution for everyone, we realize that. But, we are always available to help a potential customer come to a decision about what would be cost effective to purchase from us, in bulk… and what would not. We are knowledgeable about which products have guaranteed usage for contractors, and which products are less in demand.

Strategizing your need for screws and then realizing where your budget could greatly benefit from buying in bulk is something that all contractors would do well to consider. The results can be very much worth it.

And lastly, consider the story of the Ant & The Grasshopper. The Ant showed foresight and planning, when stocking up for the winter months ahead… whereas the Grasshopper was content to continue on with his routine, unchanged. We think there is definite, applicable wisdom to the Ant’s strategy, and if we didn’t already have Professor Screwart as our official mascot, we would definitely have the Ant from this fable on speed dial! The nice thing about zip screws and tek screws is they ‘aint bananas and won’t go bad.

Here is our motto: Domestic quality tek screws at an IMPORTED PRICE.

Benefits of Buying Zip & Tek Screws Online

Although we still specialize in selling self-tapping/self-piercing screws (zip screws) and self-tapping/self-drilling screws (tek screws) through direct marketing, our business has expanded from what it used to be.

We were, and still are, one of the most reliable resources for contractors for screws and fasteners. But, with the advent of the internet, we are now more available to contractors than we ever were before.

From flowers to shoes, buying online is now common place. But contractor supplies are not so simple and even a good website requires excellent live support. We provide that not only with live chat but with the phone support we have always provided for the last 30 years. We’d like to stress how valuable all these options are in today’s market. We offer contractors many resources with our online website/catalog such as:

  • Convenience – In the “old days”, contractors had to spend valuable time making appointments with supplier representatives to come out and show a product, get pricing, etc. Sometimes contractors would even have to travel TO different supply houses and comparison shop for a supplier. With contractor hourly rates, standing in line waiting to pay for parts can get pretty expensive. We cut all of that out of the equation. We offer detailed product information, pictures, application and technical information on many products. We do everything that we can to ensure that we meet each customer’s expectations.
  • Selection – We offer a FULL, online catalog with detailed information on each of our products, so you can simply find what you need, look at the part, read the specifications, and even ask an online customer service representative for help with any questions that you may have. That way you can make a selection that fits your immediate needs and saves you valuable time.
  • Personalized Service – We provide connections to live customer service representatives on our website, in the form of chat boxes in “real time” for any specific questions or concerns you may have, which so many other online stores are lacking.
  • Online Tutorials – One of the very unique benefits we offer are videos listed on our website that can help contractors further identify uses and application information for several different items and industries. We’ve had several compliments from contractors regarding these useful tools we’ve provided.
  • Free shipping (for qualified customers): We are able to save you time and money by shipping the parts you need directly to your doorstep. No travel required, no lines to wait in, no bad customer service issues. Just simple, direct and easy, leaving you much more time to complete other important projects.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top distributors around and offering such specific, online perks. We’ve gone the extra mile with regards to convenience and efficiency for contractors. We believe we’ve set the bar higher in our industry and that’s the way we like it!

We are so much more than self-tapping zip screws and tek screws!

Here is our motto: Domestic quality tek screws at an IMPORTED PRICE.

Whenever Possible, Buy in Bulk!

Whenever Possible, Buy in Bulk!

Recently, I was asked to supply four, yes four, bolts for a prospective customer. Now, true, they were LARGE bolts. Three quarter by nine inches long with a nut and a washer but still…..four. Because it was a prospect that was sent to me by a friend and they also had the potential of being a future customer more in line with type that we have serviced for over 25 years, bulk buyers, I quoted. No surprise I didn’t get the order because they didn’t realize the cost of only buying four bolts at a time but, there is a reason why those who buy in bulk receive such great discounts.

Bulk. If buying in bulk wasn’t an industry unto itself, there would be no reason for the Walmart’s, Costco’s and Sam Clubs. Problem is, the Walmart’s, Costco’s and Sam Clubs have been around so long that there are a lot of people who don’t remember when they didn’t exist. They don’t know that when this Big Box type of storefront came along, those that started to patronize them were willing to sacrifice service and sometimes quality, which up til then was the best thing that a company/store could offer it’s customers, for price. But at that time, people knew what they were getting and what they were giving up. They knew that to get lower prices they were going to have to look for items themselves and otherwise sacrifice service that the company/store would normally pay product knowledgeable employees who would assist them with their purchases and make their shopping experience much more enjoyable. For a short period of time, consumers had a choice. Service or price.

Now, twenty years later, those days are hazy. The concept that companies would save on expenses by employing fewer people and allowing the consumers would do the labor that otherwise long term employees would do for them in order to pass the savings on to customers is long forgotten. Younger customers don’t understand why they cant get the same 10% above cost discounts that Big Box offer and still get the quality service that higher priced products provide. That there are business costs involved in hiring and training employees and sales personnel and unfortunately, those costs always are passed down to the consumer if the company is to remain solvent and healthy.

Needlepoint Zip Screws

When I first started in the fastener industry in the early 80’s, selling self-tapping zip screws and tek screws, there were three very clear layers of distribution. Importers, who brought the product from overseas who sold to Distributors who repacked the product into 200 pound kegs or 50 pound cases and sold to Contractors and Hardware Stores who sold 4 bolts. In order to sell four bolts, they have to pass through three shipping departments (including freight charges) and billing departments in order to get to the consumer. But when you buy in bulk, 50 pound cases or more, those shipping and billing costs are distributed and shared throughout maybe 20,000 screws and not just 4.

There is a good reason why four bolts are so expensive.

There is value in buying in bulk.