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Zip & Tek Screws – We’ve Got Your Back!

We’re not JUST about zip screws and tek screws!

Sometimes contractors have specific and specialized needs and their needs must be met in a timely manner.

We’re proven to be a reliable and trusted distributor/importer of sheet metal screws. That’s our “claim to fame”.

But what about when you get a job that calls for something above or outside of the norm? You have no time to figure out what company’s screws do the best most efficient job. In addition, which supplier provides those parts that will work for you at the most economical price? Now you have got to take the time to figure out who sells what, ask around for referrals, figure out who would be most cost effective yet reliable company to buy from, right?


We broker hard to find fasteners, as well as provide our standard zip screws and tek screws that our customers have come to trust and stick with. So, no need to ‘make the rounds, knowing that we are just a phone call, a click, or an email away!

We’re a one stop shop for ALL different types of fasteners, including “specialty” fasteners. We provide the opportunity for contractors to be able to call in for their most often used items, IN ADDITION to different, more obscure items that must be acquired for a particular job, and they know they can always rely on us. We are always here to fulfill any customary need.

Give us a shot first in finding your specialty item? We’re guaranteed to give it our best, using trusted suppliers. Let us do the work, for you! We’re happy to add that service to the list of services we’re already on top of, so you can continue forward with the projects you need and want to get underway. Business builds and rolls forward, but only if you’re able to stand of the shoulders of trusted business relations, from the beginning of a bid to the outset of the actual job!

Stand on our shoulders! We’re strong, and we’ve been supporting the business ventures of our valued clients for over 25 years! We’ve got you. J

As we are so fond of saying: We are SO much more than just zip screws and tek screws!