Why We Ask Contractors So Many Questions on Our Sales Call

Zip Screws, Tek Screws – Why Do We Ask So Many Questions?

I work for All Points Fasteners, a distributor/importer of zip screws and tek screws.

On that note, I call contractors all day long. I leave a lot of messages, and send out a lot of emails. But, when I AM able to connect with a potential customer, it makes all of the leg work worth it. I’ve found that I can build a rapport with most contractors that I get contact. However, I do experience a high volume of “information” gathering, due to the type of work I do. But every now and then, I encounter someone who seems to believe that my phone call is a waste of their time from the very beginning of that phone call.

Therefore, I thought I’d address this issue, and I hope to shed some light on what it is I’m trying to accomplish with the first phone call.

What are we losing in NOT giving a qualified sales person, who has access to a quality product you use on a regular basis, the time of day?

Let’s explore this question.

Qualifying questions help me determine, quickly and efficiently, whether or not my call will either waste your time or greatly benefit you and your business.

    • Do you have a need for the sheet metal screws or fasteners we distribute?
    • How is your current supplier treating your needs?
    • What are the risks for your company, in developing a relationship with a NEW supplier?
    • What are the benefits?
    • How can our product elevate your business?
    • WILL it elevate or benefit your business?
    • Are there any complications your company consistently deals with, with your current supplier’s product or mode of conduct?
    • Will our product help you get over those “bumps”?
    • Have you had bad experiences with purchasing outside of your current supplier, before?
    • What would you need to know, in order to be comfortable with taking a step in a different direction?

I’ve realized that companies that are interested in how they can better their company and THEIR services offered, will always keep one ear open for opportunity. These are the people I try to connect with, on a daily basis.

Let me help us both determine how our company can link up with yours and make you stronger. We want to be a part of your company’s growth, and feel secure in knowing that we are constantly striving to anticipate your company’s need for not only quality zip screws, tek screws, and fasteners… but for good customer service, as well.