Customer Service Tips on Talking to a Secretary | That’s What We Do!

Zip and Tek Screws, That’s What We Do!

I sell zip and tekscrews. That’s primarily why I call contactors of all different kinds. But, I’d like to write about something a bit different, today.

Secretaries. Let’s really talk.

Despite the stigma that sometimes exists between a salesperson and a “gatekeeper”, we are not two parties who are “diametrically opposed” to each other.

You have important goals and responsibilities, and I respect those goals. I have goals and responsibilities as a salesperson, and I’ve spoken with secretaries who have made the particular hour at work that I’ve called them an extremely pleasant experience.

It’s about relationships. I’ve learned that over the years of being a “phone sales person extraordinaire”. I know all about the sideshow sales people who call you guys and try to “trick” you into letting them speak with your buyer. It’s an unfortunate stigma that CAN come along with phone sales.

I don’t think that’s a logical approach, and I never have.

I’ve learned over the years that the ladies and gentlemen who answer my phone call, initially are the ones who are keeping things rolling smoothly for your company, that they field calls from tons of sales people, sometimes on a daily basis, on top of all of the other functions you perform to keep the wheels well oiled. You’ve got the inside information on the inner workings of your company, and I respect that responsibility. I know that just like me, you benefit from and appreciate the words “Thank you and “Please”. It’s about “The Golden Rule”. Angela, Kristin, MaryLou, Lori, Debbie, these are all ACTUAL NAMES of secretaries I look forward to speaking to, each time I call the contractor’s company, whether they’re buying zip screws and tek screws from us, or not.

Keeping this in mind has granted me successful relationships with many secretaries and office managers of our clients that I keep in contact with, quite comfortably, as time goes on. I wanted to write about how important these relationships are to me. I wanted to thank the ladies and gentleman that I speak to on a fairly regularly occurring basis, at the outset of a lot of the phone calls I make on a daily basis. Thank you for each laugh, for each additional cup of coffee we both laugh about having as soon as we get off the phone with each other, for every smile that stays on my face, while I’m holding for our client, or prospective client that was a result of our short but uplifting conversation.

Before you pass me along to your buyer of zip screws and tek screws, I’d like to raise a toast…

This cup of Joe is for you. Cheers!