Save Money with Bulk | Buy Self-Tapping Tek Screws in Bulk

Buying Self-Tapping Tek Style Screws Bulk

Why should you consider buying in bulk when you can buy in small quantities? That’s too many… right?


We realize that smart business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs for their companies. Bulk purchasing is when an actual contractor, or ‘end user’ reaps the benefits of buying goods, wholesale. This allows for the contractor to reach more of his demands with our product, at a much lower cost than what he would get from his local supplier, in most cases.

There are contractors out there who put in an order for supplies, and need them there, that same day. There are circumstances where convenience is definitely a priority. However, there are obviously items that contractors use EVERY DAY, and this is where we come in with savings, AND a quality product. We provide zip and tek screws in bulk at lower, distributor pricing. Contractors can take advantage of more of a ‘use value’ for the money they’ve spent. For any kind of ‘non-perishable’ item that one uses all the time, it just makes sense!

Buying in bulk is not the ultimate solution for everyone, we realize that. But, we are always available to help a potential customer come to a decision about what would be cost effective to purchase from us, in bulk… and what would not. We are knowledgeable about which products have guaranteed usage for contractors, and which products are less in demand.

Strategizing your need for screws and then realizing where your budget could greatly benefit from buying in bulk is something that all contractors would do well to consider. The results can be very much worth it.

And lastly, consider the story of the Ant & The Grasshopper. The Ant showed foresight and planning, when stocking up for the winter months ahead… whereas the Grasshopper was content to continue on with his routine, unchanged. We think there is definite, applicable wisdom to the Ant’s strategy, and if we didn’t already have Professor Screwart as our official mascot, we would definitely have the Ant from this fable on speed dial! The nice thing about zip screws and tek screws is they ‘aint bananas and won’t go bad.

Here is our motto: Domestic quality tek screws at an IMPORTED PRICE.