Benefits of Buying Zip & Tek Screws Online

Although we still specialize in selling self-tapping/self-piercing screws (zip screws) and self-tapping/self-drilling screws (tek screws) through direct marketing, our business has expanded from what it used to be.

We were, and still are, one of the most reliable resources for contractors for screws and fasteners. But, with the advent of the internet, we are now more available to contractors than we ever were before.

From flowers to shoes, buying online is now common place. But contractor supplies are not so simple and even a good website requires excellent live support. We provide that not only with live chat but with the phone support we have always provided for the last 30 years. We’d like to stress how valuable all these options are in today’s market. We offer contractors many resources with our online website/catalog such as:

  • Convenience – In the “old days”, contractors had to spend valuable time making appointments with supplier representatives to come out and show a product, get pricing, etc. Sometimes contractors would even have to travel TO different supply houses and comparison shop for a supplier. With contractor hourly rates, standing in line waiting to pay for parts can get pretty expensive. We cut all of that out of the equation. We offer detailed product information, pictures, application and technical information on many products. We do everything that we can to ensure that we meet each customer’s expectations.
  • Selection – We offer a FULL, online catalog with detailed information on each of our products, so you can simply find what you need, look at the part, read the specifications, and even ask an online customer service representative for help with any questions that you may have. That way you can make a selection that fits your immediate needs and saves you valuable time.
  • Personalized Service – We provide connections to live customer service representatives on our website, in the form of chat boxes in “real time” for any specific questions or concerns you may have, which so many other online stores are lacking.
  • Online Tutorials – One of the very unique benefits we offer are videos listed on our website that can help contractors further identify uses and application information for several different items and industries. We’ve had several compliments from contractors regarding these useful tools we’ve provided.
  • Free shipping (for qualified customers): We are able to save you time and money by shipping the parts you need directly to your doorstep. No travel required, no lines to wait in, no bad customer service issues. Just simple, direct and easy, leaving you much more time to complete other important projects.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top distributors around and offering such specific, online perks. We’ve gone the extra mile with regards to convenience and efficiency for contractors. We believe we’ve set the bar higher in our industry and that’s the way we like it!

We are so much more than self-tapping zip screws and tek screws!

Here is our motto: Domestic quality tek screws at an IMPORTED PRICE.