Bring Back Traditional Christmas Storytelling | We Love Christmas

We Love Christmas!

All Points Fasteners would like to celebrate an old Christmas ritual. Merry Christmas from All Points Fasteners!

It’s time to set aside the day to day job of selling tek screws and zip screws for now ’tis the season for gifts, great food, family and travel. Most of us can relate to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, running around town for last minute Christmas gifts, coordinating holiday plans and travel, grocery shopping, cooking, decorating the house, etc. But, what’s it really all about? We put in all this time and effort to create an atmosphere of cheer and wonder for the holiday season. In keeping with the spirit of the season, what do we think would be the perfect capper on any evening of Christmas celebration?

All Points Fasteners Fasteners would like to take time out to remind us of the forgotten art of Christmas Storytelling!
Picture it: you’ve just had dinner, you’re stuffed, and now the kids run to sit in front of the television, in some other part of the house while all the grownups sit at the table and discuss…. Business, politics, or family matters.

What happened to gathering around the fireplace and telling a story?

There was a time when everyone would gather around the consummate “storyteller” of the family and listen to that timeless classic “Twas The Night Before Christmas”,or some such other Christmas classic, in front of a group of enthralled children and…dare we say it… adults.

Let’s dust the cobwebs off of the long, lost tradition of storytelling during Christmas. It’s a great way to bring everyone together, in an organic and festive way.

How great would it be to watch your children’s eyes light up as you recount any classic Christmas story of their choosing?

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
A Christmas Carol
The Little Drummer Boy
The Nutcracker
The Twelve Days of Christmas

These classic Christmas stories can be told at any point during the Christmas season and are a great way to bring your family even closer together, during the holidays.

Pull up a comfortable chair, dim the lights (all but the Christmas tree!), gather the kids around and open up one of these story books. Delight the kids and honor a wonderful, old tradition: Tell a Christmas story for the whole family!

We hope this idea lends itself to a very wonderful Christmas experience for you, and your family.

Everyone here at All Points Fasteners would like to wish you a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!