Guaranteeing the Best Pricing for Our Site with Individualized Pricing

We Love Discounted Screw Pricing – Don’t You?

Well, it only took two and ½ months, but our website for quality screws, featuring needlepoints (aka zip screws) and self-drilling screws (aka tek screws), has gone through its facelift and we re-launched last week!

While designing the new site, we struggled with the decision as to whether we should include pricing on our site. In fact, we already received a few calls asking us why we didn’t include pricing. We discussed the idea and couldn’t come up with a way that would provide each and every customer the BEST pricing we could give them by using a standardized website price as we could with giving them individualized pricing. When companies determine “one size fit’s all’ pricing” for their websites, they need to pack enough profit in their price to cover the expenses for their most costly order (product, business overhead, shipping and handling).

We feel that our customers would rather receive all the possible discounts they qualify for rather than have us pad our pricing.

Before making this decision, we researched and determined that our pricing was much more affordable than the screw sites we found that listed pricing online. In addition, by having qualified, experienced staff available to assist you in determining the best product for your application, you get the benefit of competitive pricing and being sure that whatever screw you order, zip screw, tek screw or other type of fastener, will work for what you need. Besides, we don’t know how YOU feel, but WE love having a person to speak with when we have questions about a product!