Zip Screws and Tek Screws – Quality DOES Count!

Zip Screws and Tek Screws – Quality DOES Count!

Zip screws and tek screws….having always promoted the benefits of buying well made quality screws, it is disheartening to hear ‘a screw is a screw’ after a buyer tells me that he only buys his fasteners dirt cheap.

As a salesperson who knows the benefits of their product, sometimes it’s only after your customers stray and experience the real ‘cost’ of buying cheap zip and tek screws that they come to appreciate the security of knowing that their self-tapping needle-points and self-drilling screws will perform time and time again!

Well, yesterday I got the pleasure of having one such customer come back to me after having bought those ‘cheap’ screws. He said it took him a couple of purchases to figure out just how expensive those cheap screws really were between time and labor and throwing out the ones that just didn’t work.

Our hats say it all – “All Points Fasteners The Best Screw In Town!”

Whenever Possible, Buy in Bulk!

Whenever Possible, Buy in Bulk!

Recently, I was asked to supply four, yes four, bolts for a prospective customer. Now, true, they were LARGE bolts. Three quarter by nine inches long with a nut and a washer but still…..four. Because it was a prospect that was sent to me by a friend and they also had the potential of being a future customer more in line with type that we have serviced for over 25 years, bulk buyers, I quoted. No surprise I didn’t get the order because they didn’t realize the cost of only buying four bolts at a time but, there is a reason why those who buy in bulk receive such great discounts.

Bulk. If buying in bulk wasn’t an industry unto itself, there would be no reason for the Walmart’s, Costco’s and Sam Clubs. Problem is, the Walmart’s, Costco’s and Sam Clubs have been around so long that there are a lot of people who don’t remember when they didn’t exist. They don’t know that when this Big Box type of storefront came along, those that started to patronize them were willing to sacrifice service and sometimes quality, which up til then was the best thing that a company/store could offer it’s customers, for price. But at that time, people knew what they were getting and what they were giving up. They knew that to get lower prices they were going to have to look for items themselves and otherwise sacrifice service that the company/store would normally pay product knowledgeable employees who would assist them with their purchases and make their shopping experience much more enjoyable. For a short period of time, consumers had a choice. Service or price.

Now, twenty years later, those days are hazy. The concept that companies would save on expenses by employing fewer people and allowing the consumers would do the labor that otherwise long term employees would do for them in order to pass the savings on to customers is long forgotten. Younger customers don’t understand why they cant get the same 10% above cost discounts that Big Box offer and still get the quality service that higher priced products provide. That there are business costs involved in hiring and training employees and sales personnel and unfortunately, those costs always are passed down to the consumer if the company is to remain solvent and healthy.

Needlepoint Zip Screws

When I first started in the fastener industry in the early 80’s, selling self-tapping zip screws and tek screws, there were three very clear layers of distribution. Importers, who brought the product from overseas who sold to Distributors who repacked the product into 200 pound kegs or 50 pound cases and sold to Contractors and Hardware Stores who sold 4 bolts. In order to sell four bolts, they have to pass through three shipping departments (including freight charges) and billing departments in order to get to the consumer. But when you buy in bulk, 50 pound cases or more, those shipping and billing costs are distributed and shared throughout maybe 20,000 screws and not just 4.

There is a good reason why four bolts are so expensive.

There is value in buying in bulk.

How Would You Use Self-Tapping Wood Screws?

How Would You Use Self-Tapping Wood Screws?

All hardware stores that are in fact worth the name possess a broad array of things like wood screws and nails and bolts and tools for using these items. To make matters even much more difficult, every kind of securer and tool may possess a somewhat unique technique to using it correctly. Let us consider a look at how you should probably make use of wood screws and what you do not do using wood screws.

The first factor to notice about wood screws is you receive individual tapping anchoring screws as well as regular wood screws. The individual exploit screw commonly is quite a few simpler to set up as well as will take quite a few much less function. All you need to do is make use of whether a Philips or flat head screw driver and set the point of the fastener as a spot you want it to be and start screwing. As you turn the actual screw driver the actual screw could cut in to the wood and make a hole for itself. Absolutely no drills required After that there is the normal self-tapping wood fastener. You will require a drill for this one. You will have to mark out all of the locations that you’re going to need to place fasteners as well as drill a hole in the wood that is the correct size for the screws you are heading to be using. After that you need to go along and, although using the suitable type of screwdriver, fastener all the fasteners in to place.

The hazard with using each kinds of fasteners is you don’t get all of them in straight. A individual tapping fastener might perhaps get picked skew by the grain of your timber or by you placing unequal pressure as a screw driver as you flip it into the wood. If you work with a drill then you definitely run a slightly decreased risk of going skew as you are not being expected to place many pressure on your drill to bite into the precise wood and the drill isn’t most likely to get pushed around because of the grain of the wood. As an alternative you risk using a drill bit that’s a tiny bit too big for the anchoring screws you will probably be making use of in the do-it-yourself venture that means which the fastener is not going to hold.

In addition, you want assure that you will get the greatest sort of fasteners using regards to the materials they’re produced from. Some metals have a tendency to be far more corrosion proof in contrast to other plus most could leave an awful spot if you use them in wood simply because they react to the actual sap even now still left in the wood. So initially do most study and ascertain precisely what you’ll need and what type of screws you are going to be utilizing.

Picking the finest type of fastener for any job might not be as basic as it appears once the specialists get it done. There are actually lots of issues to look at earlier than you commit to a specific wood screw or nail for you specific do-it-yourself venture. If you’re not sure, ask for help and get this correct.

K-Lathe aka Modified Truss aka Round Washer Head

K-Lathe aka Modified Truss aka Round Washer Head

The Round Washer Head design, which can also be known as wafer head screws, K-Lathe screws and modified truss screws, could quite possibly be the most multipurpose head design offered. It combines the benefits of the Pan Head design but has an attached washer built on to the head to increase head diameter. This helps prevent over-driving in softwoods.

General cabinet assembly, installation, hinges, metal drawer slides, wooden drawer guides, attaching lights and brackets are just a few applications where the Round Washer Head design is used. The addition of the washer provides maximum bearing surface to allow for “over-driving” the screw to tighten those stubborn joints easily These Screws are also self tapping screws in that they tap their own mating threads and do not need female threaded inserts like machine screws.

It was originally designed for the construction industry to attach wood lathe and metal framing to 20 to 25 gauge steel studs. They also can be known as plymetal because they can be used to attach plywood to metal. The large wafer head sinks into the plywood and has a large bearing surface The length is measured from the top of the head.

They are available in Philips drive as well as square drive, which is occasionally referred to as Robertson drive. They are readily available in stainless and well as carbon steel and with plain or painted heads.

Also known as:

  • Round Washer Head Needlepoint
  • Wafer Head
  • K-Lathe Screws

Sharp point – zip screws, or self-drilling – tek type screws, these screws are also self-tapping screws as they tap their own threads into the materials they are used with and do not need to be used with a pre-threaded mate such as a nut or insert.

Copper Gutters Beautify Homes!

Copper Gutters Beautify Homes!

If you’re looking for stylish rainwater systems for your home, copper gutters, installed with stainless steel copper plated needlepoint screws, will certainly tick all of the right boxes. Homeowners are continually on the lookout for rainwater systems that offer the striking appearance and adaptability that they demand of their guttering.

Copper gutters are one of the most resilient and hard wearing forms of rainwater system on the market and this is an important characteristic for many homeowners. Needless to say, the materials used in the construction of rainwater systems needs to be extremely hard wearing given that they will be buffeted by the elements on a daily basis and copper gutters are certainly one of the most well equipped to deal with this.

In terms of establishing the most sought after form of rainwater systems, it is definitely the case that copper gutters are one of the first thoughts that consumers will have when updating their guttering. It is important to realize, however, that copper gutters really should be installed by professionals in the field of guttering because this will ensure that you maximize their performance levels.

Establishing the suitability of a home for copper gutters will be one of the first undertakings that professionals in the field of rainwater systems do when it comes to facilitating an installation. Whilst functionality and performance are vital when it comes to guttering, looking the part is also important and this is an area in which copper gutters positively excel.

Whilst copper gutters, installed with stainless steel copper plated zip screws, will cost a little more than other forms of guttering on the market, you certainly get a heightened level of performance for the additional cost. When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck in your purchase of copper gutters, it is best to head online and opt for professionals who can exhibit their credentials with a portfolio of their work.

Tek Screws For Solar Panels

Tek Screws For Solar Panels

If saving on your electricity is a priority, set up your own home solar panels.

You can build the panels by yourself using a manual. But like any other do it yourself project, building a home solar panel needs time and commitment. As long as you know how to set up them and you have an idea where you will get the supplies you will need, you can build one at the time of the weekend.

House solar panels are designed side by side,usually on an raised place that receives sufficient sunlight.

If you even now don’t possess power tools, it is easy to get a set prior to you start out the undertaking. Cash is essential to buy the panels, and you do pay extra for installation. Listed below are some methods to get started.

Locate a great handbook online or in the local bookstore to start off using. There are most manuals which really sparkle when it arrives to the instructions. You have to get a handbook that truly demonstrates how to build the solar cells. You don’t necessity a handbook which comprises solely fluff.

Collect the items and tools you need. It is possible to get materials from online, even your self-tapping tek screws, if these folks aren’t available from your local shop. It’s been advised by many of the makers that you use security or tamper proof fasteners installing solar panels to protect your investment. Talk about the doubts and concerns with a handyman so which you have a clearer picture of what you’re about to do. There are additionally discussion boards that can improve you. The web can provide you with which you do find out regarding solar cells.

Inform the close pals and family on the venture so these folks can pitch in. You desire help with getting the areas of the solar cells, connecting the solar cells, and so on..

Consider the guide handbook, print a few duplicates and tack them on your workshop so that you have a reference all the time. Check if there are connections that aren’t linked. Make certain which the place where you will mount the solar solar panel board are free of trees, bushes or shades of buildings.

If you’re unclear how to cable the panels, get a professional to look at your solar energy cells and the connections. Conserve by yourself the trouble of possessing to disassemble and re-mount the panels by performing it right the initially time. Ensure you have the maker’s number on speed dial so it is possible to get in touch with them if something goes wrong.

Immediately after the house solar panels are mounted, you shall possess an entirely green source of electricity in your own residence. Contact All Points fasteners for your TEK screw solar panel needs!